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    Shatterpoint (R)

    Hello there! To all of you who are familiar with my first attempt at making an intelligible story, welcome back. To those of you who are new to my work, welcome. First off, this R rating has been approved by Dragonfree. Secondly, if you haven't read the previous installment, Requiem, I would...
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    Race Issue

    Well, I'm wondering about the correctness of a situation/description that I'm going to be having soon. I'm gradually introducing a character in my fic, and now that he has appeared to the main two characters I have a small issue. Basically, one character thinks this new character is someone...
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    Well, I work at a company that has a golf course right next to it. I usually take my lunch break on the back loading dock, and occasionally golf balls will fly over towards our back parking lot or just be lying around on the ground. I picked one up one day and carried it back inside with...
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    The Fear Thread

    I thought this would be a good idea for a thread. Basically because fear does odd things that affects our daily lives. Wether small or large, it affects our decisions in regards to actions we take. To some people, it can go so far as to alter life decsions they make, while sometimes the fears...
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    The Office

    I looked through Entertainment and couldn't find a thread on it, so in case I missed it, I apologize Honestly, It's probably my favorite tv series of all time. I won every season and watch all of them quite frequently. So post your favorite parts, moments, jokes, etc. I'm eager to see how...
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    Think before you speak

    Well, I work in sales, and around my work, my co-workers have made up a word. The word is called '*****isms'. The asteriks being my name. What these isms desribe are moments in life where you forget to think before you speak and end up embarassing yourself or others. One work example that...
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    When to use such and such word

    Hello all. I've been writing a fic for the last few months and when I get reviews, one of the things that usually pop is my missuse of words. I try really hard when proofing to correct these mistakes, but one or two always slip by me. The words I'm referring to are, Were, we're, there...
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    When to split

    Hopefully this is the right place for this thread I'm in the process of writing Chapter five of my fic and I wanted some input on when is the best time to split one chapter into different parts. My plan for chapter five is to split it into two parts, Each part will tell the same sequence...
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    Requiem (PG-13)

    First shot at a Fic. I'm hoping for any sort of a review that would help me refine my writing. I have a few chapters written and I'm really wanting some hard and honest feedback. Will rate the Fic (PG-13) for random violent battles and occasional swearing. The beginning starts off a bit...
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    Pokemon Yellow on Apple Store

    I was crusing through the App Store on my iPhone4, and found what appeared to be a ninety-nine cent download for the full Pokemon Yellow game. At first I thought it was too good to be true. In the description however, it says 'just like the original, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and...