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    Tech Help (Graphics Program)

    I need help to find a good animation program .. the one i had before the free trial finish
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    Bleach Vector

    Work on this for a while ... just wanted to see if it anygood
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    My Future Pokemon Team

    This is my future team that is in training ..... tell me if the move sets are good or not Glaceon@ Leftovers Timid Nature ~Fake Tears/Mirror Coat/Hail ~Ice Beam/Blizzard ~Water Pulse ~Shadow Ball Vaporeon@ Leftovers Timid Nature ~Surf ~Ice Beam ~Acid Armor/Filler ~Baton Pass/Aqua...
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    Sharingan Graphix Shop

    Welcome To My New Shop Rules 1. ALL SPPF RULES. (no warnings) 2. DON'T POST YOUR OWN WORK HERE. (no warnings) 3. Fill out the form. 4. Write "Sasuke Rules" in Blue somewhere in your post 5. Give me links to your images, I won't find them. (Because IDK what pictures you like on the banner) 6. I...