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    The Shiny Hunter's Club

    Banner made by §Suicune§ Hello everyone, and welcome to our new and enhanced Shiny Hunters Club! In this club, we can discuss nearly everything related to Shiny Pokemon. Hunting for a certain shiny? Hatched yourself a shiny? Or maybe you got some awesome Rumble shinies? Even art you made about...
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    Bgm > wav

    How can I convert BGM files to WAV or another common used audio file?
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    Nintendo WiFi...

    My USB connector used to work on my laptop, but for some reason, it gives error codes everytime I try to connect. These are the ones I see the most: 52003 and 52203. Many people say it's because of my firewall/anti-virus program, but it isn't. I removed my anti-virus program and turned...
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    Pokémon Sapphire - Internal Battery has run dry

    Pokémon Sapphire - Internal Battery has run dry Just wondering, I got the "Internal battery has run dry, the game can be played" message in my Sapphire version. I still can play/save the game, but I use that game for SRing a lot, which makes the message very annoying. Anyone knows how I...
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    Feebas & Mix Records

    I was wondering, when you mix records with someone who knows where his Feebas spot is, do you get the same spot as the other person after mixing records? A few years ago, my brother found a Feebas in Ruby, I went to the same tile on my Sapphire, and suprising enough (or not), I found Feebas...
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    My WiFi is doing weird..

    I tried a lot to fix it, tried google and such, but couldn't find the right solution. When I try to connect to my WiFi, it gives error 52003. "Unable to obtain IP-Address. Confirm that the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector is functioning properly." It used to work before. I have Windows...
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    Looking for

    Shiny Cresselia, Shiny Giratina and Shiny Piplup Clones are welcome If I can get them free, I would really appreciate that :) I will offer if you want though..
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    Shiny Skorupi, Piplup and Buizel wanted!!!

    As the titel says, I'm looking for those. I can offer you lv 100 Palkia's (5) Shiny Eevee Shiny Shellos West Shiny Geodude Shiny Snubbull Shiny Bidoof
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    Brave level 100 Garchomp UFT

    Want a shiny in return. I prefer a 4th generation Shiny Garchomp Level 100 Brave Nature Wayward Cave Met in Wayward Cave at lv. 15 Att. 316 Def. 213 Sp. Att. 195 Sp. Def. 205 Speed. 219 Attacks: Crunch Dig Dragin Rush Dragin Claw
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    Looking for a few shinies..

    If you have any one of these tell me. Shiny Piplup and evolutions Shiny Chimchar and evolutions - HAVE IT, Still need evo's Shiny Turtwig and evolutions - HAVE IT, Still need evo's Shiny Buizel Shiny Floatzel - HAVE IT Shiny Skorupi Shiny Drapion Shiny Finneon Shiny Lumineon Shiny Ditto I can...
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    Looking for Shiny Skorupi, hacked or legit

    I give you a Shiny Hacked Legend for it. Also looking for, Shiny Buizel and Shiny D/P Starters, again, I give you hacked shin legends
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    I just got WiFi but I get some errors when connecting. It's installation went great, but I can't connect to the USB connector. Please help me PS. I know this isn't the right place but I don't know where to ask else..
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    Pokerealm's Trading Thread, Legit Shiny Legends and more (Trades on June 22th 2007)

    Ok, I made this thread so we can make some deals before I have WiFi. The reason why I'm doing this, is to save time for when I have Wifi. This means that I can trade right away when I got it. I ONLY WANT SHINY POKÉMON IN RETURN, OTHER OFFERS WON'T STAND A CHANCE!! So what I have UFT: Shiny...
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    Question 'bout posting threads..

    I don't have any problems posting threads, only in the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Discussion forum. I tried to post around 3 threads the last 3 weeks but all of them weren't posted. It said that a mod has to check them first but it isn't something spammy or anything like that. So I have the...
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    Own Avatar..

    How can you get an other avatar then the normal Pokémon sprites? I can't do it by going to "Edit Avatar" Thanks in advance
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    Help me finding this MIDI file...

    I'm searching for days now! I want the MIDI file of the Wild Battle music in D/P Anyone who can help me?
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    Nintendo DS/DS Lite Picto Chat Art Thread

    Do you think you're good with Picto Chat? Well, make a painting, take a picture of it and post it here. In this thread you can: - Post your own art - Rate other people's art
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    ~All Your D/P Favorites~

    Well, since there are a lot of threads about favorite things in D/P I made one thread to post all your favorite things in D/P Just fill out this form Favorite Game (Diamond or Pearl) Favorite Starter Favorite Legend Favorite Attack Favorite Shiny Favorite Elite 4 Favorite Gym Leader...
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    WiFi Price...

    How much does WiFi cost in The Netherlands?
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    D/P Release Date Europe! - 25th June 2007

    D/P Release Date Europe! - 27th July 2007 The European Release Date has been revealed on a Dutch website. It will be 27th of July 2007 It's finally confirmed. It's now also on serebii.net so it has to be the correct date.