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    Music of the Past (1900-2000)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has come... ... For here I present to you an opportunity to drift back into long-forgotten pasts. This thread is meant as way to interchange and talk about aged and otherwise nostalgic music within the intended scope. Rules: The music on topic must...
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    OU challenge RMT - Team Razor Fang

    Team Razor Fang Intro: Hello. This is the first team I've ever posted, but I could really use some advice, so I hope you guys can give me that. The reason this team is a challenge is, because I'm aiming to create a team that I will be able to turn into a reality, without having access to wi-fi...
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    Hey, can anyone help me?

    Hello, I'm new, I'm Dutch, I'm clumsy, and I have a question... I want to post a question somewhere on this forum in which I ask if a specific move-set for Blissey would be legit or not, but I don't know where to post it. I'm planning on using it in a Gen4 team. Which section would fit best...