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    Inspiration Needed

    Hellos Earthling, been a while since I've posted here. Anyways, nearly a year ago i started a RPG which died in about 2 or 3 pages, but i was told the storyline was quite good so I am going to re-write it as a fan fiction/story (which i might post on serebii in a while) However, throughout...
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    Nuzlocke Adventure

    Ok, well last night i remembered that my step-brother wasn't playing his copy of Diamond so i figured i may as well do another Nuzlocke Challenge (will be about my 3rd one) even though i hate Sinnoh. Anyways, on Smogon in the Nuzlocke thread, others write semi fan fics on their adventures so i...
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    Ok, well for those who don't know, i live in Christchurch, New Zealand, which this morning at 4:35am was hit by a earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale. The focus was only 10km under the ground and the initial quake lasted about 40 seconds. This is said to mabey be the largest earthquake...
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    Writing Help (non-Pokemon)

    Yes, i'm sure if you remember any of my previous threads in the Author's Cafe, you'll know that they're usually asking for help.... well here's another. Well pretty much, long story short, I am going to be entering a writing competition and don't have any ideas (as usual). My last resource...
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    My created Region - Help

    Ok, I think this should be the best place to put this thread but feel free to report this if you don’t feel it’s in the right place. I am going to be posting a trainer fan fiction soon in my own region with a few new things that I haven’t seen done in any other fics to try and make my more...
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    ~The Normal Type Club~

    Hello and welcome to the Normal Club. I recently had a period where i was inactive on Serebii but am here often now so decided to make a club! Anyway, this is a club for people that love practically the ultimate all-rounder pokemon. Some normal types have high defense, some with high attack...
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    Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hey guys, many of you out there enjoy a little challenge while the play through of the Pokemon games. On serebii there is currently the scramble challenge, but if you are looking for something even more challenging and skillful, look here. The Nuzlocke challenge was all started and created...
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    Pokemon Short Stories

    Hey guys, just here to post what I will be doing for hopefully a while. I am going to be writing short stories based on Pokemon of course, some will include only Pokemon, some might barely include any. I am going to write a variety of genres and am hoping that everyone the reads these can give...
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    Short Story Ideas

    Hey guys, haven't been to the Fan Fiction section in a while, but anyway, i was thinking of starting to write lots of Pokemon Short Stories, but cannot think of many ideas. I want to write a wide variety of genres and settings to do with Pokemon to increase my writing potential to actually...
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    Fire Emblem Club V.2

    Welcome to the second version of the Fire Emblem club! If you are a fan of the tactical role playing series, then join!!! If you were part of the old club, you will have to rejoin sadly... 1. All general Serebii rules apply 2. No spamming, flaming, or trolling 3. No one-lining 4...
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    Ash's Party

    I thought of this thread while watching Pokemon this morning. It had Roserade in it which is one of my favorite Pokemon. If you had the power to decide what Pokemon were in Ash's party in the Anime, what would it be? If you want you can do Misty, May, Dawn or Brock's party...
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    Please help about wi-fi

    Hi. im trying to set up a wi-fi point at home and i need my SSID and WEP things. The problem is i cant find them. People have told me to go to 'home' and then 'wireless router settings' or something, but what is 'home'? is it My computer, desktop, the start menu? there is no button to go to...
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    The Budew/Roselia/Roserade Club

    This club is for all those awesome people who love Budew and it's evos. Rules: 1. All normal Serebii rules apply. (even though I'll say some of them again) 2. When joining, write the word: Serebii rocks 3. No spamming, threatening or trolling. 4. No one-lining 5. Have fun! (Yes, it's a...
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    Pokemon - The Journey of Infinity

    Ok, well i tried writing a Pokemon fan fic a while ago and it was horrible... hopefully this is a bit better... please give feedback and if you dont pick it up, this is based in Johto... oh, and i might change the name... Pokemon – The Journey of Infinity Chapter 1: “Oliver! Wake...
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    Fire Emblem - The Fall Of New Bern

    R13 - Mild language and blood. Action also. And this is my first rpg so sorry if it isn't that good.... Ok, hopefully i have all the parts and i posted this in the write place... Plot/Backround: 100’s of years ago, Lycia, with help from Nabata, Sacae, Ilia and Etruria went to war with Bern...
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    Cutest Pokemon?

    Please close this if necessary mods. Anyway, pretty much, what is the cutest Pokemon ever?
  17. Z

    Fire Emblem - The Fall Of Bern

    R13 - Mild language and blood. Action also. And this is my first rpg so sorry if it isn't that good.... Ok, hopefully i have all the parts and i posted this in the write place... Plot/Backround: 100’s of years ago, Lycia, with help from Nabata, Sacae, Ilia and Etruria went to war with Bern...
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    Need Opinions

    Well, this is a more Mic Discussion/Help thing, mods feel free to move this... I'm going to be making a claymation/clay animation skit on Pokemon. I can't really think of what Pokemon to pick to be the bad/good guys, there are so many Pokemon to pick from... also, i can't think of a small...
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    !!!The Disgaea Club!!!

    Welcome to the Disgaea Club! This is my third club and all have been on a video game series, mainly popular in Japan, these are the Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem clubs. Disgaea is a game based on... i don't why i saying this, mainly because of the fact that the people joining will already...
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    If you would like hybrids between pokemon, come here! Rules: *NO spamming *Stay on topic *Only post when asking for something, thanking someone or receiving something *I will have some helpers if i think i need them-do not ask to help unless you are extremely skilled and i can't do the...