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    Fairy Altaria

    I'm relatively new to the TCG, so I'm unfamiliar with what's meta and such right now, so I've just built a cheap fairy deck while I get used to things. This deck is in the unlimited format, and it's built around abusing Altaria EX (XY Fates Collide)'s Powerful Gain to win the prize card war...
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    OU Fairy Team - Doubles

    Fairy Team - Doubles So a bit of a foreword here, my friend created Pokegyms a few years ago, and I like his rule of 4:2 type ratio for a "monotype" team, so I'm using that. Also, item clause. Lastly, I know some natures aren't optimal, but I'm working with what I have. Aromatisse...
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    From the Dark - OU Team

    Zoroark @ Choice Scarf Illusion Timid 4/0/0/252/0/252 - Foul Play - Flamethrower - Focus Blast - Grass Knot Galvantula @ Focus Sash Compoundeyes Timid 0/0/0/252/4/252 - Energy Ball - Thunder - Sticky Web - Volt Switch Mawile @ Mawilite Intimidate Adamant 252/252/0/0/4/0 - Play Rough - Iron...
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    My Rock Type Team

    This team is strictly rock type, but here it is: Tyranitar Lv. 100 Ability: Sand Stream HP:382 Attack:403 Defense:233 Sp. Attack:195 Sp. Defense:229 Speed:144 Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch, Stealth Rock Item: Chople Berry (Weakens super effective fighting type attack.) Kabutops Lv. 100...
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    This story is called Aerodactyl, about a trainer and his fight for life and the meaning of it. Aerodactyl is the one that guides him across his life from when he leaves Eterna City to his deathbed. (PG-PG13: Violence, light cursing.) I tried to keep it a kid's book, though it is compared to...