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    Non-competitive Black 1 team (going to League)

    My team for Pokemon Black Overview: Swoobat Impish Nature L. 41 Sharp Beak -Calm Mind (to be changed due to ability) -Amnesia (to be changed due to ability) -Psychic -Fly Ability: Unaware Whimsicott Modest Nature L. 41 Miracle Seed -Tailwind -Leech Seed -Stun Spore -Giga Drain Ability...
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    Opinions on events

    Does anyone else think that events are kind of annoying? I mean, sure, there will be most likely over 800 Pokemon by the next generation, but what if someone actually wants to catch them all? I know some people may see it impossible at this point, but people are doing it, and it really would...
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    Google Images War

    I posted a similar thread way, way in the past when I was just a young' un on these forums (and before I left for a fairly long time). While there's no way to know if you got it from Bing or something, but this is Google Images war because, it's what most people use. Anyway, this game goes...
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    "I'm back" thread no. 4

    I joined Serebii, then I left, then I joined again, then I left again, then I joined again due to Pokemon X and Y, left after not really caring so much about the forums (luv u doe!!! xoxo) and here I am now. "Spite? Who's that guy?" That's for me and some extreme veterans of Serebii to know...
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    Not again

    This is the second time I've returned to the forums, after getting bored of Pokemon again. I think the recent news of the new games in October is enough reason to tell why I'm back here. So yeah. Sup.
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    IN-GAME B2/W2 team

    Considering this is in-game, I don't really care about natures, so I'm not worrying about that. Overview: :649: :497: ;448; :609: ;134; :561: __________________________________________________ GENESECT (No nickname) Gender: None Burn Drive/Douse Drive/Shock Drive/Chill Drive/Expert Belt...
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    Here you can discuss musicals you've seen, whether in your kid's school or Broadway. I don't have much to say other than that. Last night I watched "Rent", and a couple years ago I watched "Rock Of Ages". So... Yeah. Discuss musicals here. 'Bout it.
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    You all thought I was gone for good

    I'm back after a few months! Lucky you guys! You're stuck with me again! :D
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    Destroy the Block of Bedrock!

    wFor this game you pretty much are attacking a block of bedrock, which has one billion HP. You have to make up your own attacks to wear the bedrock down and break it. The block of bedrock is a reference to Minecraft. Bedrock's starting HP: 1,000,000 HP Yep. Ya have to chip that down. Similar...
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    Pants will be shat. Slender is an amazingly scary game, where you have to collect eight notes while running from Slender Man. So, I'm making this thread for discussing the game. I actually made a video of it, in case anyone wants to check it out, it's in my sig. If mods want me to remove this...
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    Hurt and Heal: Psuedo-Legendaries

    Oh God, not another Hurt and Heal thread So, there are six psuedo legendaries at the moment. You guys have to pick one to heal, and one to hurt. You can go as much as you want, but no double posting. All SPPF rules apply. All Pokemon start with 10 HP. Round 1 results: 6th place: :635: 5th...
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    What was your first team?

    Pretty much. Mine either was Charizard, Vileplume, Vaporeon, Primeape, Raichu, and Nidoking, I THINK, or Torterra, Pachirisu, Vaporeon, Houndoom, Togekiss, and Lucario. What was yours?
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    Pokemon Riddle

    How Pokemon Riddle works is a poster says a riddle describing one Pokemon. The next poster guesses the Pokemon. Then the same person who made the riddle confirms if the answer is true or not. If not, then the next poster guesses. If that is correct, then the person who guessed correctly makes...
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    The Fourth of the Sixth Month of the Julian Calender; Otherwise Known as July 4th

    For all of you Americans, what did you do this July 4th?
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    Spite's Emporium of Shapes, Colors, and Art

    Welcome! Shop status: OPEN Currently hiring! Let's jump right in and go over the rules. READ BEFORE REQUESTING! Now for the art! Banners: Teams: Other stuff:
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    The YouTube thread

    If this thread already exists, please close it. This thread is to talk about your YouTube channel, and about other channels. To avoid advertising, try not to say your YouTube channel name, nor any other people's channel.
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    Pokémon: Tier vs. Tier

    Pokémon: Tier vs. Tier Remade to be approved. Pokémon: Tier vs. Tier is fairly similar to SC's Pokemon Survivor and Face's Ultimate Poké-type tournament. There are winners. There is voting. However. We start off by getting rid of one whole Smogon tier to speed things up. The tiers are: NU...
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    Mic help

    So I've had a Logitech desktop microphone for around 6 months. Now something happened that made me really depressed. I was chatting on Skype with my friends, when suddenly, my mic falls to the ground. I picked it up, thinking there would be no problem, and suddenly, I noticed the plug where you...
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    Future B2/W2 team

    This is a team of my top six favorite Pokemon, so... Yeah. And I will add more Pokemon to make this a rotation team. Maybe. @Chesto Berry Nature: Bold/Calm -Ice Beam -Surf -Acid Armor -Rest @Life Orb Nature: Adamant -Flare Blitz -ExtremeSpeed -Aerial Ace -Wild Charge @Life Orb Nature...
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    Destroy the Evil Warrior!

    Because I couldn't have a copy of this thread in my documents folder forever... Destroy the Evil Warrior! Please read the whole post before replying! This thread has been disapproved before because of the soul fact that the minions didn't have much power compared to the others, so I went ahead...