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    Pal park

    Hi all. I just got thinking about pal park and was wondering what did everyone else do. did you use it just to transfer legendaries or did you transfer almost everything that was useful and then restart on that game?
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    Battle subway team

    Hi i am trying to sort out a battle subway team but i am a little stuck on a third member. Here is the team so far: Infernape (Hasty) @ life orb overheat close combat u turn stone edge Ev's 252 atk/ 4 sp.atk / 252 speed Starmie (Timid) @ Expert belt psyshock surf t-bolt...
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    Ash's pokemon at Oak's lab/anime suggestions

    Hi. I was just thinking about the pokemon at Oak's laboratory and thought certain pokemon only had a small amount of screen time and others are unevolved but could be trained. My main one here is Gible. It is Ash's first dragon type but i think it'd be good if he trained it and even if it...