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  1. AB2

    That Form Has Been Philled In[BW2 Ubers][Peaked #1]

    Hello, I would like to share a team I been having a lot of success lately. This is my first RMT and the second team I ever built. After a failed attempt in creating a rain team, I decided on a sun team. This is a pretty standard team, all sets are taken directly from Smogon with minor editing in...
  2. AB2

    Your opinion on weather in 5th Gen

    So we all know that weather is a really common strategy in 5th generation competitive battling. With the prevalence of Ninetales and Politoed's new abilities, you almost can't make a successful team without having some sort of weather to fend off against these types of teams. Although I have...
  3. AB2

    War: Bully's Playground vs. Dracaena

    vs. Rules: Serebii General Forum Rules Apply Clan War Rules Apply as well This is a 5 vs. 5 clan war with two substitutes allowed per clan. This is a 5th generation war, so be please be aware of that Matchups: [6]AB2 vs. BestGamePearl[6] [2]Regarde vs. Blobman[0]...
  4. AB2

    War: Bully's Playground vs. First Impact

    vs. Rules: Serebii Forum General Rules Clan War Rules Apply as well. 5 vs. 5 war with two substitutes allowed per clan This will be both a 4th Generation and 5th Generation war. The opponents will decide among themselves which generation they would like to battle in. Matchups: [6]AB2...
  5. AB2

    War: Bully's Playground vs. Heroes of Myth

    vs. Rules: Serebii Forums General Rules. Clan War rules also apply. 5 vs. 5 clan war with two substitutes allowed per clan. Rotom formes are allowed in this war. Matchups: [6]AB2 vs. squirtleismyhomeboy[6] [0]Gamefreak vs. IBattleX[2] [5]Nilla vs. MadMarine0[0] [6]Zeyre vs. Ger9119[6]...
  6. AB2

    Bully's Playground

    Welcome, Young Tuffie! The Great VValrus... Content Introduction Rules Ranks Tournaments, Wars, and other Information Extras Credits Introduction Welcome to Bully's Playground, young tuffie. Here you will be trained to become a big tuffie, or in our case, a meenie. The name Bully's...
  7. AB2

    Partners in Crime III

    Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to the Third Annual Partners in Crime Tournament! This is where you will be testing your battling skills and participating in intense matches versus other members of the forums with a partner you choose! You better be ready, because it will take more...
  8. AB2

    The Soul Society [OU RMT]

    INTRODUCTION The team that I am about to present has been one of my more successful teams as of date. Overall it has been extremely enjoyable to use, surprisingly managed to beat most of the threats in today's metagame, and was very well built. This team's main theme is to be based around...
  9. AB2

    Rate my OU Rain Dance Team

    Hey all, I am fairly new to competitive battling and this is my first serious team. As you can see this is a rain dance team, so the main goal will be to sweep away the opponents as quickly as possible. That means this is a team packed with sweepers and a few supporters that can possibly sweep...
  10. AB2

    Rate My OU Rain Dance Team!

    Hey All, I am pretty new to competitive battling and I decided to make an RMT after this team got some success. Obviously this team is a hyper-offensice rain team and consits of mostly sweepers. So here it is, rate my rain dance team! Uxie@Choice Scarf Trait: Levitate Nature: Bold...