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    So the last Asian Pop thread hasn't been posted in since June and since I need somewhere to discuss my love for it, I decided to make a new one. (If I'm not allowed, someone close it or something). So who are all of your favourite artists/groups? My favourite K-Pop girl group is SNSD by far...
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    Suggestions for an animé newbie?

    Suggestions for an animé newbie? So the only animé I've ever watched is Pokémon. But I've always enjoyed the whole concept of animé and I'd like to start watching some others - so does anyone have any suggestions? P.S. where would I watch them as well? EDIT: I've also watched a few Yu-Gi-Oh...
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    Favourite season

    Basically, which season was your favourite? Make sure you say why though (I'm not putting a poll because there's too many options!) Mine was Battle Frontier. Yes I know you're all probably thinking, why. But it's because it was the first I ever saw, I've seen every episode at least 3 times...
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    Power of the Elements (PG-13)

    Power of the Elements Rated PG-13 for coarse language, violence and possible adult themes. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, back with a new fic. It's called Power of the Elements (yay for generic titles) and it follows Izzy, Matt and Hannah on their journey across Sinnoh. But don't worry, the...
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    Black Rose - Redux

    Black Rose Hey all. I've made some additions and adjustments to the story to make it better and more interesting to read. Please give honest reviews and tell me everything I need to know. If you have good advice, please give it. So here it is: Black Rose - Redux! PM List sweet_piplup123...
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    Black Rose (PG-13)

    Black Rose Hey all, it's TurtwigFan1 with a fiction you'll all enjoy! Now the fic is rated PG-13 for violence, small amounts of blood and slight cursing. So sit back, relax and enjoy! Here's the PM List, if you want to be on it just give me a Visitor Message tell me in your review. Thanks...
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    Pokémon Ranger - Sinis. Sign Ups!

    Pokémon Ranger - Sinis. Sign Ups! Sign-ups are now closed apart from people who have reserved a place! Hey all! It's me, TurtwigFan1 with my very own RPG. It's called Pokémon Ranger - Sinis and you'll see why soon. So here is the backstory! Pokémon Ranger – Sinis Backstory Two...
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    User Ranks.

    Feel free to move if it's in the wrong area. I'd like it locked when an answer is provided. Is there a list anywhere of the user ranks that go up with post count?
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    How many Frontier Symbols?

    How many Frontier Symbols do you all have? I have the Silver Battle Arena, Dome and Pike Symbols.
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    Robert and Tina's Pokémon Journey (PG-13)

    Robert and Tina's Pokémon Journey (PG-13) Hi all! It's me TurtwigFan1! My other fic is still on, but I'm taking a break from it and I've started writing this story instead. Here are what the characters sprites are: (All made by CelestialAura) Robert...
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    Made-up Quests!

    Hi there! I know that a lot of us might have completed Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and want something to do! Well here's something to do! Make-up your own quests like I do! Post your made-up quests here and Rangers can try them out! First one: Most Beautiful in all of Almia...
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    I'm a Celebrity! Get me out of Here! Discussion.

    Hey all! This is a thread to discuss I'm a Celebrity! Get me out of here! The new series is really great so far. At the moment, who do you like the most? I like the Star Trek man and Joe Swash, because they're both really funny!
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    Shortest time to complete Ranger?

    Hi all! What is your shortest time to complete Ranger? Mine is 6:36! Then, what is your time for fully completing, filling the browser? Mine is 10:45. I hope I'm quick!
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    Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

    Hi everyone! Order of Ecclesia is almost out and I'm really excited! I thought we could talk about it and here's a question. What's your favourtie element so far? I like the ability to play as a girl and the fact we're not playing as a Belmont!
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    Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Wii!

    Hi everybody! I'm an avid Harvest Moon fan and I thought we could discuss the new game on Wii and any problems we encountered, who we married etc. So discuss away!
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    Yes - May and Drew in Johto (PG-13)

    Hey all, TurtwigFan1 here! Now everyone, don't worry, The Moonshine Explorers is still on, I'm just doing this fic as well! Also, '*****' means a scene change. Here are May and Drew: Credits to CelestialAura! It's about May and Drew's second travels in the Johto region, so...
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    Yes (Contest Shipping, PG-13, One-Shot)

    Hey all, just a quick one-shot story here, but if a lot of people like it, or I get the time, I may make it into a series. So here it is, the One-Shot or Prologue that is Yes. Also, '*****' means a time jump. '***' means a scene change. Yes 5 years after leaving Ash and travelling alone...
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    Contest Cards

    Hi, This may not be in the right forum, but please move it if it's not! Does anyone know where I can find a contest card maker, like Trainer Cards but with ribbons etc.? Thanks for your help, TurtwigFan1 - ;387;
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    Hi there! I'm a new manga fan and have started reading +Anima, does anybody else read it and is it a good manga?
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    Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Partners

    Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Partners Which partner are you most looking forward to having? (Didn't put a poll, there's not enough options!) I'm most looking forward to Turtwig and Chimchar!