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    Stone'd: But Not in the Herbal or Death Penalty Ways

    This one-shot was written for the Serebii Yuletide of 2014 as a gift to JX Valentine. One of her prompts was basically to either have Steven Stone torment the gym leaders with rock puns, or the other way around. So yeah. I hope you can sympathize with Steven by the end of this. Warnings...
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    Lost Loot

    This one-shot was written for the Serebii Yuletide of 2014 as a gift to FieryLucario. He asked for a fic about a PMD-verse outlaw team and their adventures. So here it is! Warnings: Strong language, some violence. --------- Lost Loot The earthy, musty smell of dense forest clung to the...
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    A Pokemon-Centric one-shot of a shiny Pachirisu and his life. I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but... Trigger Warning: Fic deals with themes of suicide. You’ve been warned. Other than that, no other real warnings are needed. No strong language, no gore, no sexual themes, etc. Felix...
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    The Open Beta Thread

    *Approved by JX Valentine* Are you a writer? Do you have troubles finding people to help you look over your work so you don't sound like a total dingus when you post a chapter with a lot of mistakes? Yes? Good! Then stick around because this thread, my friend, might be just what you're...
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    re: A Vulpix Tail

    A reboot of A Different Kind of PMD Story (A Vulpix Tail). It can be, and has been, considered both in the PMD and Trainer fic genres. So make of that as you will. I figured the old thread was far too old to mess with. It'd be very confusing to onlookers too. So, as I did with TTL, I'm...
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    The Lost One's Weeping

    "You're not scared, are you? Ha, I knew it, guys! She’s too scared to even think about it!" The rotund child before you laughed with his other cohorts at that. You didn’t seem to think that his joke was very funny. "Hey! I'm not scared! But, you know, you've heard the rumors..." you told them...
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    re: Through the Thunder and the Lightning

    This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan fic, and also a reboot of my original fic, Through the Thunder and the Lightning. I decided that it'd be easier just to wait a while and post a new thread entirely. The alternative would be to keep redoing ones in the original thread, and the cliffhangers...
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    Predestined [One Shot, PG-13]

    Fighting a god is tough. Especially when that god is omnipotent and can track your every move and thought. Any sane person would fear him. Any sane person wouldn't dare incur his wrath. Any sane person wouldn't capture his precious children and use them against him. Evidently, I didn’t qualify...
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    A Different Kind of PMD Story (A Vulpix Tail)

    To say that this is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fan Fiction would be like saying that liquids are solid, or that fire is water. Unfortunately, I can't describe it any other way. Maybe, HMD? Human Mystery Dungeon? That sounds dumb. Anyways... This story takes place in the universe of my other Fan...
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    The Gift

    Hey, Brutaka here. You may know me from my current fan fic, Through the Thunder and the Lightning. Well, in my former clan of Team SeaSoul, we had a short story competition. It had to take place in or near water for most of the story. This was my entry. Unfortunately, this story only took 2nd...
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    ~Team Veomuus

    All right, second RMT! Here we go... Okay, so not that many people play NU teams from what I've seen. I wanna know why...because to be honest, NU is so much freaking fun! It feels like playing with the randomest or weirdest pokes ever. Not to mention, the NFE's. A tier where Emolga is viable...
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    Through the Thunder and the Lightning

    This a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fan Fiction. Ratings and Warnings -This fic may contain mild language that may be unsuitable for small children who probably can't read. -This fic is subject to non-graphic violence that maybe unsuitable for those who can't watch/play Pokemon. In which case...
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    Brutaka's Pokemon Online OU Team (Revision 12)

    So hey guys, its Brutaka. You may know from my Art Shop. Well, I can make art, but can I battle? Nope. Im not that great at team building either, so I would like you guys help me with that part. I've gone to many people, and I have changed my team many times(hence the Rev. 12 in the title), but...
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    <Fly High Graphics>

    Hello, I'm Brutaka! Fly High is back and ready to serve! So what are you waiting for? Come on in! Now looking for workers! *The following section are Rules. Breaking these will give you a strike.* 01.Don't request anything that isn't on the menu. 02. Non-workers can only post requests or...
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    Beginner's Warstory: RU versus Uber

    Here is my first war story I have ever done. I don't claim to be some awesome trainer, in fact, I am convinced that I thoroughly suck. But, this is the first battle I have ever completed that think is worthy of to be a war story. Please ignore poor quality images, especially the stealth rock...
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    Crossbreed Chronicles: Into the Future|Sign-ups

    January 17, 2024 In the small hours of the morning, a lone scientists types madly into his keyboard. He's been working all year on this project, and the fruits of his labor is about to pay off. He has been working on cracking the final keys to genetic engineering. But not just simple gene...
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    |--Brutaka's Request Shop--|

    Brutaka's Request Shop! ~OPEN~ Rules: Forms: [/SPOILER] News: Banned: |--Be Sure To Read The Rules Before Posting A Request!--|
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    DLink DIL-628 setup help

    Okay, so I want to set up the said router, but I'm having a bit of trouble. The cables are hooked up right, but I can't browse the Internet. The back says that you need to set it up through an off-line site, but I can't even get to it! It just times out. Do I need the disk that comes with it? I...
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    Destiny Tower!?-Help!

    Okay, so I've done nearly everything I can do in PMD Explorers of sky...except defeat the mighty destiny tower. I've tried everything (nearly), however, I can't seem to get past even floor fifteen. Is legitimately impossible, or am I just unlucky? If its the latter reason, please share some tips!
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    The Rise of Team Ozone-discussion thread

    I'm making this here to prevent the sign-ups from becoming more cluttered. All of the questions should go here. The plot should go something like that of Ruby and Sapphire, but only slightly different. I'll leave the rest for you to ask questions. And there is one thing I hate in the sign-ups is...