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    Yeah I'm Back

    Yeah I took a few months off and decided to come back after my friend told me he was on here. So yeah, I'm sure some of these peeps remember me,
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    Faulty DSLite

    So I plan on giving Gamestop my DSLite for aa reduced price on the LoZ 3ds. My DSLite has lines across the top screen and I'm not sure if Gamestop will accept it. Anyone know?
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    Transfer Songs from iPod Touch to iPhone

    I just got an iPhone and want to transfer the songs from my iTouch to it. When i connect my iPhone nothing pops up in iTunes as a new device. Is there a way to do this?
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    Time Based Events Won't Work

    It says this every time I start up my Sapphire so now I can't grow berries. This happen to anyone else?
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    13 Dead in Binghamton, NY

    Ya I saw this on MSN.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30030756/?GT1=43001
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    With the realese of Platinum...

    ...I am back!
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    Goodbye Serebii.......

    For now....But I will return.
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    Kodak Zi6 Porblem

    I have the Kodak Zi6 and have recorded videis and installed the software and when I click the Upload to Youtube button I fill out the info for the video and then it has to load. But when it is loading it never fully does load....It says something like "failed to read file" or something like...
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    Favorite Wii Sports...Sport??

    What is your favorite Wii Sports Sport? Mine is bowling.
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    Rate my Sandstorm Battle Tower Team

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band Adamant 176 HP / 252 Attack / 80 Speed Stone Edge Crunch Ice Fang EQ Garchomp @ Yache Berry Adamant 4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed Swords Dance Fire Fang Dragon Claw EQ Rhyperior @ Leftovers Impish 244 HP / 184 Defence / 80 Speed EQ Stone Edge...
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    Favorite Gym Badge

    What is yours out of all of the generations? I like Claire's because it looks awesome.
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    Wifi Help

    Alright could anyone give me a step by step way to change my security settings so I can use the access point on my DS to get on wifi? It has a red lock that is locked now.
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    Last Letter Game V2

    Alright I just got this approved by Medea because the other one kinda died out. So this is how it works. I say a Pokemon's name such as Darkrai which ends with I, so the next poster will say a Pokemon that starts with I. So... Bidoof
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    Photoshop won't work!

    I have been wanting to make banners and Photoshop is the way to go as people have been telling me but when I open it up my computer freezes up and we have to shut it down...Any one know what the problem is??? Thanks!
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    Rhyhorn & Evo's Club!

    WELCOME TO THE RHYHORN & EVO'S CLUB! This club is for the people that like and RULES!!! 1. Follow the forums rules. 2. Follow the club rules. 3. NO swearing. 4. NO flaming. 5. NO spamming. 6. NO one-liners!!! 7. You must say "I will not post one-liners" in your first post...
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    The D/P Battlers Club

    WELCOME TO THE D/P BATTLERS CLUB!!! OK so this club is basically for all of the Serebii Battlers like to battle, want to battle, etc. We are friendly people that can help you with stuff to build a team...And once we get enough members we can have tournaments and stuff. RULES 1. All...
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    Your Favorite Bike Gear in D/P

    Simple...I like the fast one...
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    The Official MLB Club!

    OK so I made this club because I am probably one of the biggest yankees fan's there is in the world...BUT!! I knew that a New York Yankees Club would not attract as many members as a MLB Club so that is why I made this. RULES 1. All SPPF Rules apply. 2. All Club Rules apply. 3. NO...
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    Well...Diamond Competitive Team

    Alakazam@focus sash (m) Evs: 252 sp atk 252 spd 4 hp Synchronize Mild Nature Focus Blast Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball/Shock Wave/Calm Mind Empoleon@?????? (m) EVs: 252 sp atk 252 sp df 4 hp Torrent Modest Nature Surf Ice-Beam Flash Cannon?????? ?????? Dragonite@Lum Berry (m)...
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    How Many Eggs Have You Hatched?

    My friends say that i have hatched way to many eggs...i mean what else are you going to do for the right nature...i have hatched 123 eggs. EDIT: you can find out how many you hatched in the jublife T.V center (third floor)!!! Moderator note: Please don't abuse posts here. This is not a...