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    Pretty Rhythm Series

    Do you know this anime anyone and do you had interest this I like Aira Harune
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    Pretty Cure

    um.....does anyone watching this
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    Gakuen Alice

    what bout this manga and still continue until now (than anime)
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    what bout this anime I been watching this [include jewelpet tinkle
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    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

    what about this anime,anyone.....try to watch it if u don't know this anime just search sorry I can't post link and url
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    why some people hate dawn hikari so much

    I meet some people in other website that they hate dawn so much than may and misty
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    Girl can lose her virginity?

    Is really important a girl losing her virginity in not illegal way
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    Do you think Zoey and Kenny gonna lose to Dawn in grand festival

    I think Dawn never lose on them or not...and then possible Dawn will lose or win
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    Shugo Chara

    what about this anime ya
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    Dawn's Togekiss and aura sphere

    who else like to see Dawn used the aura as her togekiss learning aura sphere?
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    Corporal punishment on a gir

    Corporal punishment on a girl Is necessary for girl having a corporal punishment?
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    Dawn will had her power house in contest and grand festival

    She getting powerhouse in next contest and sinnoh grand festival as if she will catch togekiss on future episode
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    Is Dawn becoming mature girl?

    does she getting mature lately in pokemon anime?
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    pluto team galactic

    does he become new team galactic boss (replacing cryus) he will on stark mountain with some remaining galactic grunt...also looker will be on Mt stark too as he arresting pluto
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    will jasmine be had appearance?

    if she gotta had appearance in DP anime as just like in games probarly paul will come to battle olivine gym leader and dawn will be meet her after ash wins in his 8th badge I can't wait about amphy's first battle cause I wanna see jasmine on 3rd time
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    The Greatest Everyday CD

    since the full version will be release on february 24 among with by your side will performed by dawn
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    thunder armor

    will his staraptor learn about thunder armor if pikachu ride on staraptor (just like ash did with his swellow in AG 100 as his gym battle in mossdeep gym) if ash will battle flint and volkner in 8th gym or he just used these 2 tactics counter shield and thunder armor
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    new girl

    what if the new girl is a coordinator or a trainer? if the new girl is a coordinator,probarly she will be more loser and getting more improved
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    Is Dawn getting better to be a skillful coordinator

    (since DP episode 1..she's a loser).. and she getting better and better in every episode (since in episode 4) but now she will be a top coordinator like her mother does
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    Dawn the coordinator girl

    Dawn the girl in pokemon world did anyone like or hate her?