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    I used to be here. I pretty much quit for 2-3 years. I logged on once since that time to say hi to a few people. Now I'm back. If anyone even remembers me at this point, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    Electric Mouse Team: Successful!?

    Want to see the most embarrassing thing in your entire life? This team actually WORKS in the right circumstances... I was bored one day, and I decided to create a stupid team just to shock others, and actually be a pain in their side, and make them earn their win. It's been difficult, but I...
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    Remorph's Music Shop

    Need a theme song for your guild? Or maybe a pokemon battle? I can try to make a decent song for you. No, not singing songs. Like instrumentals, or techno stuff. You get the picture. Just tell me what you want, and I'll try to make it. :P Once I have made the song for you, and if you like it...
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    Not New

    Though I've logged on a few times over the course of 12 months, I've never delved back into this forum since almost two years ago. So I pretty much am a new figure anyhow, because there are so many new faces I do not even know. So here am I. Greet me. I shall return the favor. And I...
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    A Team That Needs Editing

    Here we go... I hope I don't fail posting this. Gliscor @ Leftovers @ Jolly @ Sand Veil +252 Attack, 220 Speed, 36 HP Earthquake Ice Fang Substitute Stealth Rock This guy is different from standard Gliscors, because he isn't a Toxic Orb Poison Healer. Gliscor can also be fast if you need him...
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    I am back

    I am back after giving up on the website for a while. While I was gone, got into mario kart wii, and mario kart 7, and some other stuff. Decided to come back for a bit, and got back into pokemon after being bored of it. That is all, really. Serebii FTW
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    Clan Darkwoods VS. The Survivalist Clan

    VS ON THE DARKWOODS SIDE, WE HAVE: threexl zoruaruler chef30 SUBS: manaphy mayu ON THE SURVIVALIST SIDE, WE HAVE: Remorph Original151Rocks Pikachu725 SUBS: Primape Buns Dr. Chaos The Rules are your typical Smogon OU. Yes, that means no Garchomp, or unreleased DW abilities...
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    Corrupted Wish Thread

    Post a wish someone would want, and corrupt other people's wishes. Example: I wish for a pet Tiger! Corrupted: The pet Tiger goes rogue, and eats you alive. Have fun with this. Be creative.
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    The Elite League

    To the Mod that reads this: Banner for league coming soon. No sense making a banner for a league when there is a chance of it not existing. Also, let me know who approved this thread, so I can thank that person. That is, if you DID approve it. (NO BANNER AS OF NOW, FOR I AM WAITING FOR MY...
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    Is My Team Any Good?

    Note: This is a DW team. Seismitoad Hold Item: Leftovers Nature: +Special Attack, -Attack Ability: Water Absorb EV spread: 252 Special Attack + Defense, 4 HP Scald Earth Power Sludge Wave Grass Knot This guy tanks hits like a boss. He can sweep easily. He does well against Tyrannitar, and...
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    Metagame Trends

    Discuss what is being used as of now, such as new emerging pokemon, strategies, and counters. For instance, Ferrothorn is the #1 used pokemon in the Metagame. It takes down bulky waters, which are so common, but falls prey to pretty much any fire type.
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    Fill in The Blank: Rate My Team!

    I have been sucking at pokemon recently, so I want an evaluation on two of my pokemon who have been consistently good. Please feel free to tell me what to add to my team. I have been having HUGE problems with Ferrothorn, which is sad, considering every team I fight has one, and there seem to be...
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    Pokerus Sucks?

    Pokerus halves EV training time. Nice, right? While it's nice, GETTING a pokemon with pokerus is a pain in the neck. The time taken to get a pokerus'd pokemon could be used in EV training a pokemon, right? Is there something I'm missing here with Pokerus?
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    If you had any kind of super power, what would it be, and why? What would you do with your powers? Will you be evil, good, or just neutral? I'd like to shape-shift, so I could turn into Barack Obama, and fool people for fun.
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    Everyone else is doing this, so why not me? I'm not new. I am a person who joined serebii this year, but didn't really do much. Besides starting my own clan, and being a gym leader, not much. Well, there's no poit in continuing. If you want to know me, post here, bla bla bla.
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    The Survivalist Clan

    We at The Survivalist Clan believe that it is our duty in a lazy, UBER/Legendary filled world to strive to make our members tough, and strong, and just getting better at pokemon in general. Rules 1. All members who do not post within 2 weeks will be kicked off, unless they have a stated...