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  1. J

    Mistey,May,or Dawn?

    Which one do you like best? I like Mistey becuase she was in my favorite season. Who is yours?
  2. J

    What was your favorite season of pokemon?

    Mine was Kanto adventures. It was funny in most parts. Too bad they dont show it anymore.
  3. J

    If you could make your own pokemon game.

    If you could make your own pokemon game what whould be its name and what you whould do in it. I would make a game for the Wii called Pokemon Adventure. You could pick a pokemon to be and explore and go on missions. Its also in 3-D!!!
  4. J

    Team Rocket Warehouse

    How can you get into the Team Rocket Warehouse? Ive been looking for some answers but they have been wrong.