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    Do you ever restart your save file?

    Do you ever end up restarting your game, and if so, how often? I try to avoid doing this, but after owning the game for a year or so, I can't help trading over all my shinies and valuable pokemon, and starting again. Although I think I must have started again 5 times on Platinum, and never...
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    Battle Tower Doubles Team

    This is a doubles team for the HG/SS Battle Tower, which revolves around hail. I'm not the best at planning movesets, but I'm welcome to any critisisms. ;460; Abomnasnow@Choice Scarf Snow Warning Modest 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP -Blizzard -Energy Ball -Focus Blast -Shadow Ball ;478...
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    The Definition Game

    The idea of this game is that you post a nonsense word (flagglebloip, snozzflother, bibblecheese, ect.), and the next poster has to think of a definition for it, and then make up their own word. Try not to make it too rude or unpronounceable! I'll start with "Gunthprod".
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    Ask a simple question, get a cryptic answer!

    The idea of the game is that someone asks a simple question, and you give them a complicated answer, such as... Poster One: What is 2 + 2? Poster Two: The square root of 16. When is lunch? Poster Three: When the sun is alligned with the nose of the working man. What is a hot dog made...
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    If you discovered a new Country/Element/Lifeform...

    What would you call it? I'd go with Derpatonia/Derponium/Derpicus Derpum.
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    The Game of Many Rules

    Okay, I'm taking another shot at making a game. Hopefully this won't be too complicated. The object of this game is that there are many rules, and each poster must take care not to break any of them. The first poster makes a rule, and the next poster then has to make a post that abides by...
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    The items you bring while exploring

    Title says it all, what items do you bring with you in dungeons? I used to take all my reviver seeds, but that got annoying when they started filling up my entire inventory. Now I usually take: 5-20 reviver seeds 1-3 apples/big apples 3-5 fear orbs 3-5 trawl orbs 4 x-eye seeds 1 key
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    How do humans interact with pokemon items?

    I do believe (correct me if I am wrong) that somewhere in pokemon D/P/Pt it stated that humans were a type of pokemon. How does this enable them to block pokeballs? Couldn't we heal wounds with oran berrys, and cure poisoning with pecha berries? What effects do you imagine pokemon items can...
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    Nintendo videogame music.

    Nintendo has made a lot of good games, and with them came good music. So I'm sure everybody has some favourites, ones they cannot get out of their head, and so on. And with that, some questions. Which piece of music can you not get out of your head? Which piece of music is your favourite...
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    Battle Please?

    I'd like a little battle (the one with the baby pokemon). So, FC in sig, PM me please.
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    'Cus everyone just sucks.

    Sure we've got all these thread complaining about what people do, or what people of certain occupations do, and all that that crap, so why not complain about the whole subject in general? So in a nutshell, this is for moaning about all the stupid, useless, aggrivating and misjudged things...
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    The Pokemon Civilizatioin Challenge

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers this game, but I think a lot of people used to like it, so... I know I've been lazy updatingmy previous games, which is why I've asked mitchlord to be a co-owner. 1. Name: Gaia Species: ;036; Gender: Female Age: 17 Occupation (if any): Architect and...
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    The Swablu Relic

    (You'll get the title later in the story) Yah, hopefully this will get approved. And it would be nice if mods PM'd you if it did/didn't, so it wouldn't be left on the 5th page to rot without anyone knowing. Okay, rant over. Okeydokey, plot time. 15 pokemon (Including mine) have somehow...
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    How you would improve/change the Johto Gym Leaders.

    I'm sure that most people who have played G/S/C think that the gym leaders were pushovers, or at least could have done with a better team. Now, to the point, how exactly would you improve them? So, this is what I think they should of used... Falkner Spearow Lvl 9 Hoothoot Lvl 10...
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    The PCC challenge V2 (Or three, but the first V2 never started)

    After all this time, I decided I needed to remake it. Yes, I'll be active this time. I promise. The Rules: 15 Contestants will be placed inside a small area of land, surrounded by big walls. Every round, they shall be given building materials, to help build there own civilization. The...
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    Psychic Type too Uber?

    I think so, since they had no weakness that could do direct damage, except Bug. And some of the Psychic types...
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    Pokemon Host Challenge

    My second attempt at a reality game, except I'll try to keep up with the reffing. So, the idea is that there are fifteen contestants, and each round, one contestant has to keep all the others in their house for one day. The host will have to cook, clean, and entertain all the guests. But...
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    Little Battle

    So, I'm sure all of you know and love Little Battle. It's sort of hard, and still awesome. And also, has anyone heard of competitive Little Battling? I've never tried it, but it sounds good.
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    Where's Sonic?: The Game

    A pretty random idea, based off the "Where's Wally?" series. The idea is to find Sonic, who is hidden tin the picture. Also, there are other hidden things that have to be found as well. Once all things have been found, I post the next picture, and so on. I will put the next picture up...
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    The one and only Chao Comic

    So, I am new to making comics, so don't expect that much good stuff. But, meh. So this comic is about random chao stuff, while Sonic also manages to ruin everything in the process. Enjoy, or at least try to. Prologue. Please tell me how to improve, as I think my comic is definatly...