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    Hostage in Hoenn

    Hostage in Hoenn [PG-18] HOSTAGE IN HOENN If you want to be pm'd when a new chapter comes out, well, PM me. Thanks for reading, I know it's not the best but I've grown a new passion to write so that's what drew me back to this website. Criticism welcome, but don't be too excessive...
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    Boy Oh Boy [PG-12]

    Never can stay off the fic section. Got hella bored today so I decided to post this. A brief on the characters: Spruce BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. An alarm clock rang as Mason drowsily woke up. He rubbed his eyes and took himself out of bed...
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    Favorite Pseudo-Legendary?

    The question is easy, what's your favorite Pseudo-Legendary? My favorite is Tyranitar, although it often changes. Coming in a close second is Dragonite, then Garchomp, then Metagross, then Hydregion, then Salamence. His grin totally freaks the heck out of me. So, who's your favorite...
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    DesmuME help

    I'm running Pokemon Volt White and Blaze Black here, and on DeSmuME it was running perfectly until something spilled the beans. Apparently whenever I click something or press one of my controls, it repeats on the screen, saying it again. Here is an example: http://i43.*******.com/x42lg1.jpg...
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    jingle bells i need help

    Alright, yes, it's for userbars. I can make pop-in userbars with ease, I know how to do every step EXCEPT the pop out part. It's annoying. This is what happens: As you can see, the userbar stays at the top and the sprite has no room up there when I increase the canvas size. Help.
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    On Sale! 70% off every used fork!

    Allo people, this is my OU team after I lost my PO from my computer. This is my first team, I wanted to bring my Rain and Sun teams here, but unfortunately my computer screwed up and "error loading file". At A Glance Alright. There's my team. Here's it again. FINAL LOOK Changes...
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    PO help please help

    Alright, so since my old computer crashed and I had all my PO files I've been trying to download it on my old laptop but then whenever I try to download it it it says "System files corrupted. Download another file." And when I do, it says it again. Help?
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    Boys vs girls- Pokemon edition! Rated G

    I DONT WANT TO WRITE THIS ANYMORE *not writing this anymore*
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    Modern Family

    I love this show. Personally, it's hilarious. The plots are good, there is a bunch of humor in it, and blah blah blah. Do I really need to explain more? Oh yeah, btw, my favorites are Manny, Haley, Lily, and Gloria. So discuss :)
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    Where do you want to live?

    I really really really want to live in Philadelphia. I currently live in California. So, where do you want to live?
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    Machamp Discussion

    In OU, the one named Machamp lies. Nowadays, you barely even see this guy, do to 2 new friends coming to town; Conkeldurr and Scrafty. First, Conkeldurr's bulk is better, as well as it's attack. However it's speed is lower, but does that really matter? Scrafty has worse bulk and attack but has...
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    Have you ever broke a bone?

    I got the inspiration to make this thread yesterday after I fractured my finger. So, have you ever broke a bone? I have, I broke my arm when I fell off the monkey bars when I was 7. I took a pretty good fall. So, have you ever broke a bone?
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    Sweet Sugar Shop

    I welcome you to the Sweet Sugar Shop. I make Team Poses and Fusions. Here are the rules, read them OR ELSE.\ RULES 1. All Serebii Rules apply, so no double posting, flaming or others. 2. Be a good sport. Positive feedback is the best; ie if you get a bad fusion or somthing don't say WHAT IS...
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    US Open Tennis/Others

    So here's teh thread for tennis. Yep. Who'dya think's gonna win US Open? Predicting Nadal, although just because Djokavic's shoulder has been bad. On the girls side, I'm going with Woznacki. I don't know; it just feels like she's gonna win it. So: what do ya think?
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    Do you feel bad for homeless people?

    OKAY so on the streets today in NYC I saw this guy who literally had 1 dollar and was drinking a kids juice box. I wanted to give him some money so I reached into my pocket, but my family crossed so I didn't :(. I felt really bad. Then, when I went to Conneticuit today, I saw another one, and...
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    The Nickname Game~

    The Nickname Game *insert future banner here* Hello! Welcome to the Nickname Game! In this game, I'll give you 3 pokemon, and you'll give them nicknames, for 3 categories. These categories are: Most Random, Most Creative, and Best Nickname, for every pokemon. Then, in between the 3 categories, I...
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    Team. Looking for raters.

    AT A GLANCE @ Leftovers Trait: Inner Focus EVs: 20 Atk / 116 Def / 120 SDef / 252 Spd Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Fake Out - U-turn - Taunt - Drain Punch Not stealth rock. Not spikes. Nor even toxic spikes! It's MIIIIEENSHAO, and I'm satisfied with her. Fake out to start...
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    Smogon Help

    If this is the wrong section, mods, please move this. I got banned from Smogon for NO REASON. AT ALL. My name there was Derp. http://i56.*******.com/t7egrm.png Screenshot of the page, also here's what it said. You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified...
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    The Destined

    PM LIST Bekidding --- Table Of Contents One: Stolen Two: Mama Mia Three: Evil --- Chapter 1 --- As Monferno woke up, something fell on his head. "Ow," he said. "Sorry Ethan!" a Chimchar said above him. "Agh, it's fine Xaiv. But don't do it next time, okay?" Ethan asked Xaiver. "Alright! Do y-"...
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    The Favorite Game V2 ANYONE CAN VOTE

    The Favorite Game V2 SPAM-LESS ANYBODY CAN VOTE How to Play There's a sign up sheet and pokemon. You'll choose the pokemon you wanna use and include it on the sign up sheet. Look for the pokemon that's available in the post above yours. Then, once voting begins, you vote out your...