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    Rate My Team: Wi-Fi/Shoddy OU

    So, this is my team. It won me quite a few battles, and I'm happy with it. The reason I post this, is to see how can I even further improve it. So, here we go. Infernape *Fake Out *Close Combat *Fire Blast *Stealth Rock Nature: Naive Ability: Blaze EVs: 64/Attack, 252/Special...
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    A general team (Wi-Fi, Battle Frontier and in-game)

    , so I have this team that I'm pretty happy about, except for two Pokemon I think of replacing, one for sure. Don't worry about natures and EV, I got that covered. Just give me your two cents about my team, and any plans for imperoving it Also, I plan on replacing Staraptor with Togekiss and...