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    Just starting out

    Just starting out on PKMN gold. Is a team of: Sentret HootHoot Pidgey Spearow Chickorita Butterfree Would they be okay for the 1st gym? They are all level ten. I need help :/
  2. V

    Pokemon Pixel Art

    I made these a while ago, and I can make more on request. Please crit
  3. V

    A wild VictiniPowns appeared! She needs help! (again T_T)

    Is there any way to edit polls? I screwed up major on mine...
  4. V

    Trade Shops?

    How long does it take for Mods to approve Trade Shops? I submitted mine this morning, and it is not approved yet. Is this longer than usual? Or does it usually take this long? EDIT: Thanks to AromaFlora, my trade shop is now open! It will be in my sig ASAP! now I can get rid of my...
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    Pokemon Bred To Your Standards!

    :494: Welcome to my Trade Shop! You Need it, We Breed It! :494: I can breed the following pokemon to your standards (not including Shiny or Item) THE SHOP IS... Open again! Since i'm a sucker, anyone who had an offer before the computer crash will now be recvivng their choice of a SHINY...
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    Look A Newb who can breed!

    Hi SPPF! I'm VictiniPowns (because Victini DOES Pown!) and I can breed. W00t.