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    Ash's Ace

    Now that the Kalos Saga has winded to a close, it's now an updated consideration for Ash's Ace. In the footsteps of the Elite Four members from the Anime. Out of the Kanto Elite Four from the members you saw. Lorelei - Cloyster Bruno - Hitmonchan Agatha - Gengar Lance - Dragonite For...
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    Alain plot twist?

    Hypothetical scenario here, but Alain and Ash are pretty much in the finals for the Kalos league. Here is the scenario I've devised We know 2 things about Ash Greninja. 1st Ash recieves damage whenever Greninja recieves a big hit. 2nd they have the ability tommimic each others movements...
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    Ash and Meloetta

    Quick clarification notice I want answered. Would Meloetta fall under Ash's temporary status like Haunter and Larvitar. Out of the trio (Ash, Cilan and Iris) I think they had the closest relationship bonding-wise. Am I wrong or correct because I want that notice to be put on Bulbapedia. Ash...
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    Past Generation Pokemon Ash has owned should've evolved

    To start off with there's 7 or so that I could think of that should've evolved. Majority are Unova pokemon but since there was lapses in the quality of writing (My opinion) I feel these should've happened. Palpitoad - Seismitoad -- He had the strength to do it and pull it off. Its just that...
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    Sanpei and the Ninja Village

    As we've gotten two episodes featuring Sanpei. I've noticed a trend that during evolution episodes. The entire evolutionary line is present in some sort of fashion. Episode 36 Fletchinder's Line was present Episode 52 Frogadier's Line was Present Upcoming Episode 64 Braixen's Line will be...
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    Ash's Teams Vs. from Various Saga's

    Since this was a hot-button topic in the Kalos Speculation Thread -- ??? I've decided to put it here Kanto Pikachu Butterfree Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charizard Squirtle (Original 6) Or Pikachu Pidgeot Bulbasaur Charizard Squirtle Muk/Kingler/Tauros Orange Isle Pikachu Lapras Snorlax...