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    What sports do you play if any?

    WHat sports do you play, if any? School Name? Schol Colors? What sports are you interested in? Talk about the sports you play and love. :)
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    Halo Discussion Thread

    So this thread is for one of the most epic games, Halo. Talk about the main series, spin offs, or whatever! Your kills, Spartan, rank. Anything! To get started.... Halo 4? You think 343 studios has done a good job from what you've seem? I like the idea of a new enemy, which means new...
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    PBR Thread! (Professional Bull riding)

    ImANOKIE12 here! I am a bug fan of PBR, as i grew up around my Dad, uncle, and gradnpa riding bulls. So naturally i watched PBR, and i also rode bulls. It is fun, thrilling, and gives yout that pit o fdanger in your stomach! :D But it is VERY dangerous, ive been knocked out 3 times, dragged...
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    Whcih region and which Starter?

    Okay, so many people have their preferneces, their favorite pokemon, favorite legednary, gym leader/etc. What im wondering is if pokemon were real, what region would you want to live in and what strter would you most likely pick? For me its Johto and Totodile.
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    Pokemon Name Game!

    The rules to this is you have to name a pokemon that starts with the last letter of the Pokemon previaously posted EX: Bulbasur Ralts Shinx Xatu Unfezant ..And so on and so forth. Only post with the pokemon name, no spamming. Ill start with.. Phanpy
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    Young breeder here!

    Hello! Im Gage! Ive been a big fan of serebii, but just recentley signed up for the forums. Im 15, ive been in love with pokemon since my first pokemon red game. I love to trade, not much of a battler, for the main reason i suck, im not good at strategies or putting teams together, but i am...