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    Red's team stats question.

    Greetings people, I wanted to ask a question regarding Red's team. Yes I'm aware you need to beat at least 6 Master Trainers to face Red, but I was wondering whether Red team's stats where close to the Master Trainers, just to know if I should prepare accordingly. Thing is I also want to avoid...
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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Greetings, I got banned from discord since a few months ago, I kinda asked some mods regarding it, but never made a formal ban appeal, so I'm making one now if acceptable. Maxie or Xaexim#5799 should be it. Thanks in advance.
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    Banned from Discord

    I've been banned from Discord and would like to know why and if it can be undone. Thanks in advance. Xaexim#5799 is my info.
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    Fakemon: Sparkly & Waspark

    Greetings, wanted to share my first ever drawn Fakemons: Please support my DA if you like it: https://www.deviantart.com/bgmaxie/art/Fakemon-Sparkly-Waspark-791405219 Hopefully they are good enough, cheers.
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    Create your own Battle Frontier for Gen V

    Basically that. Create your own Battle Frontier. It can be mixes from what we already know, pure new concepts, pure old ones, etc. Give name to the facilities, a brief description of the mechanics, title and name of the Brain. My ideas: -Battle Mansion: 6 Pokemon each, 3 are randomly...