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    where did all these Rumors of new types come from?????????

    How did these new pokemon type rumors come about?????????? Fairy???---------where did that come from light??? Sound??? Cosmo??? Viris???? Ancient??? anyone know?
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    What pokemon could use an Evolution/Pre-Evolution/side Branch evolution

    What pokemon do ya'll think could use an Evolution/Pre-Evolution/side Branch evolution? One Pokemon ik that could use An Evolution is "Tauros" maybe evolve into somthing like Normal/Fighting or Maybe a Pre-evolution that he shares with Miltank Like if male evolves into tauros...
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    hidden abilitys? why not Hidden types

    well since GF let pokemon have Hidden abilitys then why not let pokemon have a hidden type as well..... and get it from the dreamworld also for example: Charizard is FIRE/FLYING go to the dream world and he can get his hidden type which would/could be FIRE/DRAGON. i mean not all pokemon...