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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    I hope Viz haven't actually caught on to the fact that the boxsets released containing the entire 10 or so series for the price of 3 volumes, was amazing value for money, and they were essentially screwing themselves over financially.
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    Should Pokemon Origins have more episodes?

    I stopped watching the Pokemon anime about mid-way through the Johto one. To be honest I dislike the anime, Ash is dumb as rocks and I find the stories yawn-inducing. Pokemon Origins though, I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed to know it's target audience well (20-ish year-olds who grew up...
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    Hardest Pokemon to capture using a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball.

    Moltres, without a doubt. Took me multiple tries. I got lucky catching Zapdos in my first few balls(wut), Articuno wasn't too bad and Mewtwo took just under 45 minutes of me slapping my balls into him.
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    No National Dex...

    Just figured it out, thanks for the replies. If anyone has trouble with this in the future, you have to catch 60 Pokémon, beat the Elite Four and complete Bill's side quest on One, Two and Three Island, then go talk to Oak for the National Dex.
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    No National Dex...

    Hey, I'm playing LG for the first time and I have been delaying doing any Sevii Island quest things, so Bill has been waiting patiently in the Cinnebar Pokémon Centre for like 3 weeks now. Anyway, I beat the E4, then realised I need to catch 60 Pikamans to get the Nacionále Dex. So I have...
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    Should Pokemon White owners buy White 2 and Vice Versa?

    I tend to always pick the least popular of the two versions (Blue over Red, Gold over Silver, Pearl over Diamond, etc). So since everyone bought White, I got Black and 2 is a continuation and so bLACK II
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    It is a Pikamon, just a forbidden, glitchfest '98 one. Makes it all the more jizzworthy to have this forbidden-mon on your gamemail, until it mess's everything up, like that last tequila slammer after you told yourself to stop.
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    World War III Imminent?

    Well, North Korea as decided to put two fingers up to the America, Russia, UK, Japan, France and every other NATO and Warsaw Pact nation and decided to test two Nuclear Rockets, obviously with the Red China protecting them, is all we can do huff and puff?
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    Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

    Lol, I forget Drowzee and Hypno exsist
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    Whose side are you on?

    Team Magma I mean Team Aqua are just pirates with a purpose.
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    Is there a difference between Bisexuals and Pansexuals?

    Yeah there is a difference, Pansexuals fall in love with anything that breathes and Bisexual with Homosapiens genders.
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    Pokemon Proton

    Okay, well, I'd like to introduce you all to my latest project. It's a sprite comic 'Oh not another one!', I hear you cry. Well all I ask is that you can give it a go and tell me what you think. I'll be keeping this page updated and add more features in the future. Synopsis All over...
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    Pokémon is good, but...

    Lol Not sure if you noticed that you've stumbled onto a Pokemon forum, and Digimon is just plain lame. They run around in cyberspace 'Digivolving' in Dinasourwithaslightlydifferentcolouredheadmon and Dinasaurwitharmsandmadeofmetalmon and my personal favourte Piemon. Like a bunch of Jamicans...
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    Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

    Golbat was pretty fugly, but what about Green's Mew, come on I could have drawn one better than that with my elbow. But for all their ugliness, you gotta love them :)
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    Pokemon Ethina Region

    Thats a lot of effort in that. Love Pokemon sprites and the story you have crafted around them, good luck with it.
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    Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4/5

    Its got to be CoD No offence but Halo.. lightsabres and laser gun, not really me thing.
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    World War III Imminent?

    Wow, okay, guess this is a slate what I wrote. Better lock and foget this thread then, humberly apologise for spamming up the debate area.
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    World War III Imminent?

    Well, this may be going to deep for a forum dedicated to Pokemon, but I propose a debate on what people feel about the conflict in the world and will this lead to World War III within our generation? There are worrying simmilarities between the current global state and that of the global...
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    What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

    We only have one life, live it how you want to. Noone has anyright to pass judgement in the world on you, we're equal. It may take years, it may take hours, but sooner or later, we're sprouting flowers.
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    Global Trade Center Trades - only 1 DS?

    The best thing to do is just ask for an impossible Pokemon. Like Arceus or Dailga level 10 or below.