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    After You Die

    This actually isn't my choice, but my mom signed something that says after I die, I will donate my organs to other people if they are in good shape. Even if it isn't my choice, It would feel nice to help other people in need of a kidney, heart, etc. But if your talking about what I will like to...
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    Have you ever used Prankdial?

    I really like to use Prankdial (bad I know.) and I was wondering if anyone else on here has used the website before. If you haven't...well let me give you a brief description. If you already know what it is, skip the bold font. Prankdial is a service where you can crank call people by...
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    Share your feelings

    I'm quite annoyed at my old babysitter right now. She won't let me take a nap even though I only got 2 hours of sleep last night. Another interesting fact, last year I actually caught her trying to type a message on here. Because of that, I don't leave my laptop's side when she's at my house...
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    I can't sleep. Halp.

    Some nights I can't sleep at all, I don't know the real reason why, but at my old apartment I couldn't get any sleep on the weekend because of our old landlady's grandchildren. Some nights they would constantly scream at the top of their lungs "NAAANNNYY!!" What made it worse was that their...
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    Are you ready to go back to school?

    lol Good luck, for me 8th Grade was hell. You probably will have lots of jerks in your class who will try anything to disrupt the class/make the teacher mad. You might, you might not, but in case you do, prepare for it.
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    Worst Fanbases Ever

    Oh, I have a really good list here: 1. Most of Sonic fanbase. FULL of crappy recolors and over obsessive fan girls. I knew someone who did recolors and was obsessed with Tails...ughh! >.< But other than those things, it's...meh. 2. Some of the MLP fanbase. OK, I am a pegasister, and proud of...
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    I don't really pay attention, but looking at myself now I usually wear sport-related clothing. I hate hate HATE jeans and Short-shorts. I don't know the real reason why, I just don't like the feeling of them...according to my dad I always look like crap. (I think I do too)
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    What browser are you using?

    I am using Firefox, I tried to use chrome but it's the main reason why my account on our XP computer is really unstable so I don't try to download it on Vista.
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    I found out that there's a teacher at the High school I'm going to who is not mean but is pretty cranky...The good news is that I won't have him! And...you guessed it. He's also a french teacher. This is what someone posted on Facebook about him: Yeah...that pretty much explains it. They...
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    Are you ready to go back to school?

    Believe it or not, I'm excited to go back to school. I'm going into Grade 9 which means a new school, but I've visited the school at least 5 times. Most of the teachers in the school I hear are nice so I don't need to worry much about them. The teachers who seem to be the most strict/have a mean...
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    Share your feelings

    I'm happy right now, in fact I'm laughing because I saw one of those weird "Go!Animate" videos. The title was "Twilight Sparkle's timeline" The scene that made me laugh hard was the following. It took place while the mane 6 was in preschool, a yellow stick figure stole Twilight Sparkle's milk...
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    You know what really grinds my gears

    What grinds my gears? My old landlady's granddaughter. Because she always did crappy recolours of all my pictures of Hamtaro. Usually when I wasn't looking, she would colour over them, then save them. That really ticked me off so one day I yelled at her. What she did next was kinda immature for...
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    Worst injury?

    In Grade 4 I fell while running on ice, and broke my right arm. What's bad is that the duty's didn't react even though I screamed at the top of my lungs, they just turned and had faces like this: -_-'' I had to get up and tell them. (they don't recommend getting up) After that, I had to get...
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    The grade 8 french teacher used to cuss at her class a lot, but not at any others. (thank god) She was like the sister of the devil when she yelled at them...*shudders* In all, I think she picked the wrong job altogether.
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    My science teacher in Grade 8 was strict, she wasn`t mean at all but...she used to make us miss 5 minutes of Lunch. Even if people where behaving, she still made us stay. She didn`t give a reason other than to make people `calm their nerves` Sorry about all the errors. My keyboard is acting up.
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    Not exactly mean but my friend says that his home school teacher is snoop and a spy. He says that he has caught the teacher playing on his DS, going through his wallet, and tracking his activity on the computer via a USB device even though my friend says that he stays away from inappropriate...
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    Another weird dream I had last night! Mario had to jump out of a window from a castle because he didn't have a lying heart. He decided to try to jump out of it tommorow. He fell asleep. After he woke up there was about 20 Kenny`s jumping over him. Mario then said `Screw it, I`m outta here!` he...
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    I did ask her a million times to give it back, but she always said no. I remember her saying that she gave it to her son, I was pretty ticked off when she said that. I could get another one, but I highly doubt my mom would allow me to have another one, even if it is just 2 dollars. That was...
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    Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

    That was the case with my Grade 8 french teacher most of the time. We had these class clowns in my class and they would throw stuff, talk all the time, and laugh really loud. But the other cases with my other mean teachers was just their temper, it wasn't the student's fault's at all. Another...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    I am going to High school next month...I think on September 6th. Most people would be really nervous, but since I've gone over to the high school for a art program a couple times I'm not petrified. But I'm nervous, mainly for this reason: I really don't know how I will tell the older...