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    FT: Japanese flawless ditto LF: Shiny Tapu Bulu

    Yes I can trade you the ditto in SwSh, but I’m looking for the Tapu Bulu in USUM, prefer Adamant I have the following natures from back when I used to RNG in 5th gen: adamant, modest, jolly and timid
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    LF: Shiny Tapu Bulu FT: Shiny Solgaleo, Shiny Lunala, Shiny Necrozma, Shiny Tapus except Bulu

    In the title, need a shiny Tapu Bulu, I have the other Tapus and the shiny SM legends. Also can get you any item in USUM, I have over 4,000BP also have tons of competitive shinies that I bred myself, can NN anything you like
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    LF: shiny event Solgaleo and Lunala FT: many competitive shines

    Preferably competitive natures, also would prefer untrained. I bred a ton of competitive shinies in Gen7, if it was relevant I probably have it. So I can also nickname almost everything as I am the OT. I can also do special requests, doesn’t take too long. Maybe a day or two. Also have tons of...