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    Esper Control Post-Rotation Standard (Khans of Tarkir-Battle for Zendikar)

    So I've been getting back into Standard and one of my roommates and myself came up with an Esper deck using the UW Merfolk Ally as an engine to keep the control decks up to speed with the Aggro and Midrange decks. Anyway, here is what I came up with this evening. Feel free to post suggestions or...
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    Planeswalker's Guide to the Multiverse (Magic: the Gathering)

    Figured I'd make a new thread since the last time it was posted in was January. Same rules apply as the last thread, keep the conversation MTG related. Anyway, this has been a huge year for Magic, new format warping bannings and unbannings (suck it Treasure Cruise and DTT). New design for...
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    Weiss Schwarz

    Use this thread to discuss the Bushiroad card game Weiss Schwarz. Any news, deck ideas (not decklists), speculation on any anime they might do as a set. I guess that I'll start this thread off. I've recently gotten into the game, a friend bought a started deck and I figured I'd learn how...
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    Cardfight: Vangaurd

    You can use this thread to discuss the card game, Cardfight Vanguard. Talk about any cool matches, deck ideas, talks about the next sets coming to English or Japanese format. I guess I'll start off, I've been playing since the game came out over in the sets, generally borrowing decks from...
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    World of Warcraft

    You can use this thread to discuss the MMORPG made by Blizzard World of Warcraft. You can talk about the lore, any interesting quests, what server you play on, to arrange raids or anything like that. I guess I'll start I play as 2 characters atm, a Blood Elf Hunter and a Blood Elf Shaman on...
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    A Planeswalkers Guide to the Multiverse (Magic: the Gathering) V2

    You can use this thread to talk about Magic: the Gathering. Post any interesting deck ideas, set spoilers, or anything of the sort. But please, keep the tournament talk and stuff in the tournament report thread.
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    Question about 360 controllers and pc gaming

    So I'm recently delving into the world of pc gaming. But as a primarily console gamer I am not as accustomed to the keyboard/mouse setup. I'm playing some games with it and it is ok but I still prefer a controller and I have a 360 controller and went out and bought a cord to hook it up to my pc...
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    PS Vita: is it worth it

    So since I'm in college, I got a better horn (music major), and I'm selling my high school horn. I'm wanting to get a PS vita and have wanted to get one for a while, but I was wondering is it worth it. Like are there any problems I need to worry about. and are the games any good.
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    Dega good stuff

    ok so I recently judged the TCGplayer States tournament for my State as a L0. and I saw a list by a guy I know that I actually watched throughout the course of the tournament. I really liked it and how it played and thinking about what to play decided that it would probably be the best choice...
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    Naya Aggro Post Rotation

    Ok so here is the intro. Pretty generic Naya Aggro deck with my little life gain I love to throw in decks. But anyway have fun rating and yeah. Anyway, onto the main event Creatures: 17 4x Dryad Militant 1x Sylvan Caryatid 1x Savageborn Hydra 1x Fleecemane Lion 3x Boros Reckoner 2x...
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    Naya Blitz- MTG Standard Competitive Build

    This is my deck that I'm isomg this Saturday for the TCGPlayer Bronze event in Prestonburgh, KN. 4x Champion of the Parish 4x Boros Elite 3x Frontline Medic 4x Burning-Tree Emissary 3x Boros Charm 1x Boros Reckoner 3x Stromkirk Noble 3x Searing Spear 1x Hellrider 2x Legion Loyalist...
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    Bant Tokens MTG- Standard

    Creatures- 5 1x Progenitor Mimic 2x Trostani's Summoner 2x Biovisionary Non-creature Spells-28 2x Cloushift 4x Wake the Reflections 4x Intangible Virtue 3x Rootborn Defenses 1x Blind Obedience 2x Advent of the Wurm 1x Collective Blessing 1x Growing Ranks 3x Parallel...
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    Aces League Season 2

    Alright, so I made this because besides Team Enchanted Garden, there are no good Wifi Leagues. So, I figure, "Why don't I just make one?" Rules: -This is a 5th gen League. Please, don't use 4th gen games. -All Standard rules apply. This includes banned abilities, items, moves, and Pokemon...
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    Majestic Majesties Tournaments

    This is the thread for tournaments held by the amazing guild Majestic Majesties (lol). Right now no tournaments to report of.
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    Majestic Majesties

    Hello and welcome to Majestic Majesties. In this clan we will focus on the majestic-ness that is of the Dragon type. You will choose a Dragon type and as you grow it will grow stronger and evolve...
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    Yugioh ADV Karakuris

    OK so this is my Karakuri build I made while I'm getting back into Yugioh. Before any comments are posted I know I need 3 Burei and 2 more Burideo, I just can't get them atm. But anyway onto the decklist. Monsters: 3x Karakuri Komachi Mdl 224 "Ninishi" 3x Karakuri Ninja Mdl 919 "Kuick"...
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    Legacy Tournaments

    Do Not post until all of the reserved posts are posted. Anyway, Welcome to the official Legacy Tournaments Page!!!! Here is where people who are in the guild The Legacy shall compete for various prizes like Custom Userbars, points in the guild and maybe even a rank-up. Current Tournaments...
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    MTG Standard Naya Midrange-ish

    I love how my decks are never a set thing. They are always [insert theme] then playstyle then add -ish. But anyway decided to make a Naya Midrang-ish deck. I know I run to many singletons, but I just don't have copies. and this is only a 1st draft, I plan on making a final one soon. Thinking of...
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    Rakdos Aggro (Budgeted)

    Hey this is a deck I've ran for a few weeks now. It's works really well and it normally wins casual games. I played Multiplayer games very often so I'm going to try and make this deck able to do both 1 v1 and 2v2. But anyway I know this deck needs a Thundermaw Hellkite and a Falconwrath...
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    Magic the Gathering Gatecrash Spoilers

    Here I will post the Magic: the Gathering set Gatecrash spoiler when released. As of now there have been about 20 spoilers so I will post those when I get some free time but I will arrange them by guild or if there isn't a guild for the card that will be it's own spoiler tag...