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    Favorite Mario Party

    Mario Party General I've been collecting games lately, and one of the series I've been interested in collecting is Mario Party. My favorite Mario Party is 2, but each game has their own strong suits and weak parts, except Mario Party Advance which is just all around terrible. Which is your...
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    WarioWare DIY: What will you make?

    So yeah, what will you be making? I'll probably be making a game where you have to fight off Tentacools, Bidoofs, and Zubats with some kind of hammer. What about you guys? Feel free to post your ideas from the old thread, vile and disgusting as they were, they were creative.
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    Exeggutor or Kecleon?

    Which one? ;103; or ;352;
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    Team Galactic, what/who are they after?

    As we all know, in the games, Team Galactic is of course after Dialga/Palkia/Giratina. However, the recent and upcoming movies feature these Pokémon pretty heavily. This got me thinking, and I remembered that interview on PokéBeach where Masamitsu Hidaka stated that the GS ball was going to...
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    How do I make the background of images transparent? I really wanna put a certain picture in my sig, but I don't want it to have an ugly white background.
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    Favorite TCG Pokémon card "Theme"

    Favorite TCG Pokémon card "Theme" What is your favorite theme of cards within the tcg? To clarify, by theme I mean basically a type of cards, like Dark Pokémon, Owner's Pokémon, Pokémon EX and Pokémon Lv. X. Personally, I really like the Pokémon that use React energy. I really think had...
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    DS Games for '09 - cause someone was gonna do it eventually

    So, what DS games are you looking forward to in '09? At the moment, I'm looking forward to are Platinum, Mega Man Starforce 3, Mario & Luigi 3, and Fire Emblem, but what about you?
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    Funniest Battles you've had

    Tell about some of the funniest battles you've ever done. I just did one VS. an uber team, and he beat my darkrai and Azelf easily, then i sent out my breloom and he sweeped his whole team.
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    First YGO game/tourney that you won.

    Like the title says, what was the first game or tourney you won? My first game was when i had just gotten a yugi deck, and i pulled out a summoned skull on the second turn =P. First tournament i won was the day the Joey/Pegasus Decks came out, and i won the tournament because i was the only one...
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    best deck you ever made

    what was the best deck you ever made?mine would be a base set Charizard/Venusaur deck i made on the old gbc game that used energy trans to keep grs energys on charizard with no fire energy (that my friends could never beat, no matter how hard they tried). so anyway, whats yours?
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    UM March 04 Ban list E-hero deck

    im currently playing ultimate masters and im trying the limeted duel "All Monsters ex. Elem. Heroes forbidden" and i need a good pure E-Hero deck. this is what i got so far but i need help cause flame wingman keeps beating me normals Elemental Hero Avian x3 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix x3...
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    (YGO)(Traditional) My E-Hero deck

    I've been getting alot of E-Hero cards lately so I just up and decided to start an E-Hero deck. But I have been trading so alot of these cards were easy to get. Normal Monsters 3x E-Hero Avian 3x E-Hero Burstinatrix 3x E-Hero Clayman 3x E-Hero Sparkman Subtotal:12 Effect Monsters...
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    cards that aren't given enough credit (YGO)

    everyone knows those yugioh cards that make everything right, but noone sees this but you? no... well I certainly know a few that are overlooked *coughmetalmorphcough* but the afore mentioned *coughmetalmorphcough* is overlooked because it was released with only a few copies of forbidden...
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    Which duelist pack do you buy more?

    i more often buy the chazz pack but i buy the jaden pack too. how bout you?