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  1. ChuckNorris

    LF: Gmax Pikachu FT: Event Legendaries

    I'm looking for a Gigantamax Pikachu FT: Shiny Giratina Shiny Palkia Shiny Xerneas Shiny Yveltal Lugia Celebi Jirachi Darkrai Manaphy Genesect Victini Meloetta Magearna I also have a few non-event legendaries, Sword and Shield exclusives, Galarian/Kanto/Alola starters, Sweet Apples, Tart Apples
  2. ChuckNorris

    The Internet Flash Game Thread

    I figured that internet games are technically PC games, so I decided to make a thread for them. Discuss flash games such as Pandemic II, QWOP, and Shopping Cart Hero here!
  3. ChuckNorris

    Chuck's Trade Shop

    Welcome to Chuck's trading shop! General info Post trade offers on this thread and I will PM you. When making an offer be sure to specify the Pokemon you would like to trade, its level, if you've EV trained it or not, and any items it's holding. I do not breed or EV train, nor do I offer...
  4. ChuckNorris

    White Forest population question

    My friend told me the longer it takes you/you wait to get to White Forest, it's population will be larger, but I here from some people online the faster you get there the larger for population. Who is right?
  5. ChuckNorris

    The Madden NFL Thread

    I didn't find one so I made a thread to talk about Madden NFL.