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  1. MidnightScott

    Nintendo says they will start supporting Japanese games in the West...

    So after Nintendo's Investor Meeting and their disappointing outlook, Nintendo have stated they plan to help Japan only third party 3DS games make their way west since Western third parties seem to be largely ignoring the system (not sure about Wii U games yet since we are hardly broken in with...
  2. MidnightScott

    Styroscope - a gaming blog

    So I started a new blog site back in January called Styroscope. The site can be found here: http://styroscope.wordpress.com/ Honestly I haven't really kept up with writing reviews as I seem to only post news that interest me (particularly on the Nintendo side of things.) I don't really know...
  3. MidnightScott

    Dragon Quest 10 for Wii

    http://midnightgaming.blogspot.com/2008/12/dragon-quest-10-for-wii.html http://gigazine.net/index.php?/news/comments/20081210_dragonquest/ Yes it's true. 「次のドラゴンクエスト10はWii」と思わず堀井 雄二氏がもらしてしまいました。「まずはドラゴンクエスト9をよろしくね!」だそうです。 Machine Translation: “Yuji leaked the following dragon QUEST 10”...
  4. MidnightScott

    Import Games

    Do you own any import games or import systems? Please do not discuss about how you have a rom or emulator device. It is against the rules of this forum and you can get in trouble. My DS Lite is an import from Japan. It's the Dialga & Palkia Edition that I got back in May 2007. Nintendo DS...
  5. MidnightScott

    Minicopter: Adventure Flight

    Hey yall, I decided to make a thread so people can be aware of this budget Wii game's existence. You control an RC Helicopter either by Motion Controls, IR, or with the Classic Controller. Various missions are given to you that you must perform in order to move on. The game is kind...
  6. MidnightScott

    Your Nintendo Game Collection

    Post the list of all the games you own for every Nintendo Console & Handheld you have, as well as the systems (and their colors). 1999 - GBC (Atomic Purple) 2000 - N64 (Regular) 2001 - Gamecube (Indigo) 2002 - GBA (Fuschia Pink) 2003 - GBA SP (Cobalt Blue) 2004 - Nintendo DS (Silver) 2006 - Wii...
  7. MidnightScott

    USA: WiiWare on May 12th, Wii Fit on May 19th

    Link: http://wii.ign.com/articles/853/853371p1.html Awesome, now maybe we'll get a Mario Kart Wii release date soon and more info on WiiWare games! ~Scott;229;
  8. MidnightScott

    Official Mario Strikers Charged Online Friend Finder

    Well, I'm surprised I haven't seen this thread at all, considering the game has been out in Europe and Australia for a while now. Well anyways, I guess I'll make this topic then. MidnightScott 081711-112292 pokekid1 451078-479311 master of aggrons 429603-499887 Zoshi 047349-914656 Duplighost...
  9. MidnightScott

    Your Nintendo Game Collection

    Post the list of all the games you own for every Nintendo Console & Handheld you have, as well as the systems (and their colors). 1999 - GBC (Atomic Purple) 2000 - N64 (Regular) 2001 - Gamecube (Indigo) 2002 - GBA (Fuschia Pink) 2003 - GBA SP (Cobalt Blue) 2004 - Nintendo DS (Silver) 2006 - Wii...
  10. MidnightScott

    Anyone forget to Save?

    Yeah, well I finally played the actual game... I finished the Gateway Colosseum Main Street Colosseum Waterfall Colosseum Hopped on WiFi and won some battles. And then turned off the game...without saving ;-; Doesn't it strike you as odd as to why the game doesn't have an...
  11. MidnightScott

    Official Pokémon Battle Revolution Friend Code Thread

    Official Pokémon Battle Revolution Friend Code Thread This is the official PBR Friend code thread. Post your codes and information here. I'll add it to the list! I'm picking up the game later today so I have no idea how the code system works, but I assume it's just like Diamond & Pearl with...
  12. MidnightScott

    Need Wii Remotes, Nunchucks, Classic Controllers?

    Well, someone pointed out to me that the Nintendo Online store which you can access from Nintendo.com is now selling Wii Remotes, Nunchucks, and Classic Controllers. I can't seem to find anything at any retailer, especially because I'm in the nation's 4th largest city...Houston, Texas. I just...
  13. MidnightScott

    Videogame Related Stuff - Christmas List

    So what are you thinking of getting for Christmas? I just ordered Ouendan on Play-Asia - it was $51.50 total. I'm getting Pokemon Ranger this coming Monday or Tuesday. My brother said he would probably get me Megaman ZX (but I havent added that in yet...cuzz its not for sure) There's also the...
  14. MidnightScott

    Lik-Sang Shutdown due to Sony suing them

    I searched for a thread and didn't find anything. Here is the press release from Lik-Sang: Tue Oct 24 2006 21:58:51 Hong Kong Time - Corporate Info FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OUT OF BUSINESS NOTICE Hong Kong, October 24th of 2006 - Lik-Sang.com, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has...
  15. MidnightScott


    Hey yall, I created a new website. I used the layout from my old site because I don't know enough coding to do a new one, this one was made by someone for me over 2 years ago. (Please ignore the banner, its like 2 years old...lol) And if anyone can create a natural layout with two sidebars that...
  16. MidnightScott

    Ouendan VS Elite Beat Agents

    Is Elite Beat Agents a totally redone game, as in storyline? I know the music is changed but is the story still different? I wonder if its worth importing the Ouendan and buying Elite Beat Agents... I mean I know Elite Beat Agents isnt out yet, but are any of the story lines the same...
  17. MidnightScott

    MD on sale at Circuit City on Tuesday

    This coming Tuesday at Circuit City, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will be at the low price of $23.99. Now it's only at Circuit City and doesn't start till 5 PM the same day. The normal price for the game is $34.99, so I suggest you go there and pick it up! I got this off of the Online site & saw...
  18. MidnightScott

    Anyone Buy the Game Again?

    testing...testing...one two three. The topic isnt showing the first post O_o;
  19. MidnightScott

    Official Star Fox Command Online Friend Finder!

    Post your Friend Codes here for Star Fox Command! Box Art: Official Site: http://www.starfoxcommand.com MidnightScott Nickname: ScottFox Code: 637 - 979 - 546 - 791 Cobalt_Latios Nickname: Code: 409 - 189 - 190 - 370 Cruxis Nickname: Metal-X Code: 758 - 729 - 697 - 860 duelistXmist...
  20. MidnightScott

    September 14th Conference Overview

    Well, apparently soemone saw Reggie Fils-Aime throw away something in the trash - which is apparently an overview of whats going on September 14th. [img=http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/1463/reggie5tu8.th.jpg] I'll summarize this for everything that is revealed on this. First it...