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  1. NimhShambler


    So, I know I posted this a while ago, but stuff came up and I was never able to get back to anyone regarding Marshadow. If anyone has one they're cool with parting with, I'd like to have it. I can offer: They're all UT. Latios - Hardy (10 ANIV Latios) Celebi - Modest (GAMESTP Celebi) Celebi...
  2. NimhShambler

    Oh yeah, I'm coming home

    Oh, Life on the outside ain't what it used to be. Y'know, the world's gone crazy, and it ain't safe on the streets. Well, it's a drag, I know, there's only one place to go. Baby, back where I come from, I'm comin' home. Sure, I'm an old member, but I have been gone a while. I just wanted...
  3. NimhShambler

    LF Marshadow--offering Celebi (also, another inside)

    In addition to looking for that Marshadow, I'd also like an Own Tempo Rockruff. I don't care about gender, moveset, IVs--any of that stuff. My Friend Code is: 3196 9368 2635 Edit: I had the FC from my old 3DS
  4. NimhShambler


    I tell you guys, I am so tired of buying $10 over-the-ear headphones (as ear-buds are uncomfortable to me) only to have them break in a month. So, can anyone recommend any high-quality headphones that, you know, won't break in a month? My budget is around 50-60 dollars American. Sorry if...
  5. NimhShambler

    The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.

    A few years ago, I was with my mom at the Health Department (she was getting some birth control pills and I was getting a booster shot. Yes, I was that little), and there was this woman there, ahead of us, trying to get more birth control pills. The nurse said to the woman: "What are you...
  6. NimhShambler

    Favorite Teachers?

    I recall not too long ago, there was a "Mean Teachers" thread. What about the other side of the coin: teachers you've had that you liked. I know it's been done, but not in a while. My favorite teachers when I was a kid (K-12) were actually sisters. I had the elder sister for 6th grade...
  7. NimhShambler

    The Most Disturbing Thing

    In the journey of our lives, we encounter people who are...special little snowflakes, to put it nicely. Here, I want to know what the most disturbing/disgusting/weird thing you've ever heard. It can be either first hand, or read online/newspapers/ect. I'll start. A few years back, I was...
  8. NimhShambler

    Pokemon and the future generation

    No, this isn't about the sixth or any subsequent generation, this is about your children (if you plan to have any). When/if you have children, do you plan to introduce them to Pokemon? How? Personally, I will give my child one of my gameboy colours and my old copy of Red version. I will have...
  9. NimhShambler

    Nimh's Fighting Monotype Bonanza

    Hitmonchan - Male - Sertorius @Muscle Band Iron Fist Quiet Nature Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunder Punch Sky Uppercut LV: 100 HP: 231 ATK: 267 DEF: 215 SP. ATK: 105 SP. DEF: 253 SPEED: 171 ------------------> Medicham - Female - Effie @Wide Lens Pure Power Quiet Nature...
  10. NimhShambler


    If pokemon were real, do you think that there would be any jealosy, or even animosity between the pokemon on your team? For instance, Satoshi's Chickorita being jealous of his Pikachu? Personally, I think that there would be some level of jealosy, and perhaps hostility, between my 'chan...
  11. NimhShambler

    Pokemon that you like but you don't like what they are based on

    I mean a phenomenon I've noticed with myself. I can't be the only one, so I'll say what I mean. For instance, I DO NOT LIKE dogs in the least little bit...but I like Smeargle and the Lucario line (though Lucario is more of a Jackal--seems to be Anubis). I don't like birds, yet I like...
  12. NimhShambler

    Weirdest Videogame you've ever played?

    So, what's the strangest videogame you've ever played? As a fan of the Survival Horror and Psych horror genres, I have come across a few. The strangest I have ever played would have to be Yume Nikki. It is just...weird. It has the most depressing soundtrack, and, if you're not...
  13. NimhShambler

    PETA says Mario encourages skinning of animals

    I was looking through the news a moment ago, and came across this article: http://www.centralkynews.com/amnews/lifestyle/la-peta-tanooki-suit-m,0,4882288.story Aparently, PETA thinks that because Mario wears his Tanooki, Nintendo promotes skinning animals to wear their fur. This is...
  14. NimhShambler

    The biggest fail you've ever seen.

    The biggest fail I've ever seen (Before I saw it on MadTV) was a sorority called "Kappa Kappa Kappa". Their colours were white with red letters. They had white hoodies with KKK on the back...in red. It was awesome when I saw it lampooned on MadTV. I thought: "They must have seen that, too."...
  15. NimhShambler

    Fake Pokemon Games?

    Have you ever found a fake pokemon game? I did, once. At a flea market. It was a DS game with Mew on the cover. It said "Pokemon: Pink Version". I didn't buy it, since sometimes those games are really glitchy.
  16. NimhShambler

    Mean Teachers

    We've all had them. Mean teachers who have no business teaching children. They can be either the type that rolls in drunk, or the kind that are verbally abusive to the kids, either way, they shouldn't be teachers. I remember when I was in first grade, our teacher told us that none of us...
  17. NimhShambler

    Your voice?

    Not really discussion worthy, but what does your voice sound like? You can either describe it to us, or post a link, or whatever. I really don't care. I speak in many different voices, depending on the situation, but my real voice is a little...um...I belive the word is "sultry"? It's also...
  18. NimhShambler

    Pervert; What constitutes?

    (Approved by Profesco. If it gets too one-sided, it will be moved to polls) The line that determines a pervert is blurry and inconsistant at best. Many think that someone who likes the look of the opposite/same sex as a pervert, merely because they are expressing their natural sexual desire...
  19. NimhShambler

    Pokemon Cruelty

    I've started up one of my pokemon fanfictions about a Trainer who runs a shelter for abandoned and mistreated fighting pokemon, and a question wormed its way into my head: If pokemon were real, do you think that there would be Pokemon Cruelty? Yes, we've seen it to some degree in the...
  20. NimhShambler

    Interracial Dating, your thoughts?

    (I got this approved by Profesco.) I had always thought that the stigma against interracial couples had dissolved, but after watching a hidden camera segment on the news, I see that it is still around. It featured a BM/WF couple sitting in a diner. A woman goes up to them and says...