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    Bulky Squad [X RMT]

    My previous team had a horrible time with SR and Spikes, so I'm revising it with a few new... somewhat bulky and possibly gimmicky additions. Please forgive me if my team is too Steel-heavy [no pun intended]. In no particular order... Aggron @ Assault Vest Adamant nature, Rock Head 252HP...
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    M-Kangaskhan and Choice Aegislash [X RMT]

    This is my X team at the moment, but I'd like some move set suggestions for it since I don't think it covers enough. So in no particular order... Hydreigon Choice Scarf Modest nature, Levitate EVs: 4HP, 252SpAtk, 252Speed -- Fire Blast -- Draco Meteor -- Dark Pulse -- Flash Cannon...
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    What is this [X RMT]

    I really have no idea what to theme my team around, so it's just a mishmash of various things. It's just a normal battling team with a focus on defense, nothing really special. Would love suggestions that'll help make my team more consistent, but please don't suggest Pokébank. My team has too...
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    Welcome to the Trick Room [W2 RMT]

    So I've decided to try out a Trick Room team. I'd like some feedback. As usual, please leave feedback and feel free to make suggestions for alternate teammates, items abilities, and moves. Try not to suggest Hidden Abilities since I have a particular dislike of them, which sorta makes me a...
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    Nothing is Hidden [W2 RMT]

    I thought it would be a cool idea to make another team, since I'm sure that my sandstorm team is looking fine (well, given that nobody's posted in there for about three days now). I thought it would be fun to try and make a team that doesn't rely on Hidden Abilities because I detest them. This...
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    Sandy-Stormy [W2 RMT]

    I'm trying to make a sandstorm team but I'm unsure about what items to use and also would like to see if there are any alternatives to some of the moves I'm using. I don't have a concept of tiers. Just a quick notice: Please don't suggest alternate natures/egg moves or hidden abilities. Feel...
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    My name is Shnivy. :495: I guess I should probably write something about myself here... Well, I like drawing (even though I get art block easily), shipping and Pokémon (obvious). Don't expect me to post often.