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    UU Araquanid scheming

    Somehow, I completely overlooked the fact that Araquanid can now have Sticky Web. So now we have something with it that’s much more durable than Galvantula. Even if there’s only five months before SwSh hits, it has my attention. I’d rather make this UU, simply because the feeling I get from OU...
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    This Gen's new gimmick.

    I'll admit I'm not sure why we need battle gimmicks of the Mega/Z/Dynamax variety. In fact, now that I think of it, wouldn't it have been better for GF to ignore the G4 outcry over Tangrowth et al. and keep bolstering previous generation critters? (What was the reasoning of the complaints...
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    New Pokemon Wish List

    If you'll forgive what I think is a Puzzle & Dragons meme...WATER HORSE POKEMON OR RIOT! (United Kingdom. A puca/kelpie pokemon would be only natural.) Outside of that, I'd love to finally see a Water/Fighting mantis shrimp.
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    And people on GameFAQs are *already* deeming the game "stale"...

    Mostly to the tune of wanting free-form cameras, visible encounters, much higher-end graphics, BotW-type open world, etc. Typically in the name of "immersion" (which I wonder whether it's even that desirable; I genuinely fear addiction can result from too much immersion, and/or forgetting the...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    For the record, there are a few on Smogon who are thinking of Decidueye as a viable pivot-trapper, rather than sweeper-trapper. Example moveset: Spirit Shackle/U-Turn/Leaf Blade/Roost.
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Arguably a question of whether Knock Off will still be common if tournament rules only allow for critters caught/hatched in G7. I genuinely can't remember the situation there. (There's also the matter of whether Knock Off will still use a *2 multiplier when the target has an item, rather than...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    67 Speed at L38? I'm guessing that's on the sluggish side. Especially since that's the lowest stat on a critter with a neutral nature. No idea how to extrapolate the HP stat, but the two attacks and Special Defense seem roughly equivalent (which is odd, given Decidueye's alleged physical focus...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Well, Greninja and Lucario both have a lithe look, at least. But I'm not entirely sure what "coolness" consists of. After all, Charizard seems to be deemed "cool", but I don't find the design that appealing. No, "fire dragon" is NOT instantly appealing to me. (Now, "lightning dragon"...Zekrom...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Looking at the grass starters, one thing I've noticed is that usually, between stages 2 and 3, base stats all go up by an even 20. The main exceptions are Serperior (HP and attacks only go up by 15, to account for speed shooting up by 30; just remember that Snivy and Servine were already on the...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Nn, I noticed someone making the Talonflame comparison, so...I'd guess people are thinking that being good REQUIRES sky-high speed. I'm worried that that's over-valorizing the speed stat. (Then again, you're talking to someone who'd prefer to use Torrent Greninja rather than Protean, just so the...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Sounds like two different types of speed, to me. Speed of attack vs. speed of foot. Decidueye's speed conceit seems to be the former. (Remember that this is SPECIFICALLY a sniper. Not a longbowman or the like who's trained to hail arrows along with many other bowmen--and generally don't conceal...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Come to think of it, have grass pokemon in GENERAL been speedsters? Not to mention a point was brought up at Smogon that the sniper conceit may be why Decidueye's speed is on the low side. The idea behind sniping is to prepare carefully, THEN attack. No sniper worth their salt is in a hurry...
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    Sun & Moon In-Game Team Thread

    Based entirely on types...(Five of them, anyway. One is known to be in Alola only through the leaks, so I'll leave it out.) Pom-Pom Oricorio Primarina Muk Palossand Bewear/Machamp/Passimian (All resistances represented, no weakness represented more than twice, no type represented more than...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Well, GameFreak does seem to like their artefacts. I get the feeling retconning is some sort of dire sin to them (Lickilicky evolving in a way it technically should have been able to do in G2 was probably an oversight).
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    The main suspicion is that it works like Smelling Salts and Wake-Up Slap. If the target has a burn, the attack will do double damage in the process of removing it. In other words, use it in tandem with Will-o-Wisp or Scald.
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    {sweatdrop} I think that one is MEANT to be overpowered...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    I suppose my own worry is that neither Trevenant nor Gourgeist reached (and stayed in) UU or OU, at least from my recollection. So I'm worried about whether there might be something bad about Grass/Ghost in and of itself, regardless of stat allocation. I'll probably be picking Incineroar anyway...
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    Community POTW #157

    The sad thing is, when XY first came out, Trevenant was apparently seized on as a potential OU entrant, a far better utilizer of Harvest than Tropius ever could be. Of course, it helped that Knock Off wasn't nearly as prolific at the time. Although...I think I remember someone mentioning that...
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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    I'm personally not convinced that Hyper Training will actually overwrite the IVs. I think instead it applies addends to IVs, with further coding keeping the values from going beyond the IV31 level (or below the IV0 level, for that matter). If IVs actually were overwritten, it would lead to...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Is it me, or was Bruxish likely designed specifically to put a leash on Talonflame? (Water type: Flare Blitz isn't going to be too effective. Dazzling: Gale Wings Brave Bird just isn't happening.) Although I have a feeling GameFreak didn't want to break the priority portion of the game too much...