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    Sinning Cubone's little shop of pokepals

    U ask it! we will give it to u!! workers: ME Rules...eh? no spamming. 2.USE THE FORM!!! ask for a pokemon and then it's name...i dont have much so if u dont like it...srry... form: pokemon: name:
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    sum 41 fan club here!

    owner: me co-owners: Spheal man------Lucarioso members: LegendofFire-??????????????????????? we can talk about the band sum 41 here! members off the actual band (if you know the drummer PM me): lead guitar and singer: bizzy D; rithem guitar and semi back up singer: cone bass guitar: Hot choclate
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    can anyone make trainer cards 4 newbs?

    i really need the following: Shiny cubone;103; Shiny charzard;006; a sablye, a mew, a lunatone and a vaporion and espion plz