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  1. KillerDraco

    The Game Awards - 2021

    Well it's that time of year again. They have announced the nominations for the Game Awards, with the most prestigious of which being the coveted GOTY. (Other categories are in the same Twitter thread) Discuss, complain about games you thought got snubbed, etc. Personally I'm of the opinion...
  2. KillerDraco

    Elden Ring/Soulsborne/Sekiro Discussion

    As revealed in E3, Elden Ring, Fromsoftware's successor to the Soulsborne games, is releasing on 01/21/2022. The main selling points for these games has always been difficulty; hard but fair (except maybe the Bed of Chaos...) has always been the defining feature, and Elden Ring appears to follow...
  3. KillerDraco

    Dynamax Adventures Thread

    Because of the influx of Dynamax Adventures threads popping up, I have decided to make this thread for convenience to consolidate requests. Looking to catch a specific Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures so you'll be the OT? Looking for the coordinates for a certain Pokemon so you can shiny hunt for...
  4. KillerDraco

    Monster Hunter Series Discussion

    In light of recent reveals, the Monster Hunter series now gets its own dedicated thread. Use this thread for the discussion of all things Monster Hunter related, including but not limited to: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter Rise (releasing 03/26/2021)...
  5. KillerDraco

    Announcement - POTW and Gen 7

    As we all know, Pokemon Sun and Moon come out within 5 day! However, Gen 7 coverage of the PotW will not begin immediately, so as to give everyone time to play the games a bit and get used to the changes. As a result, the next few weeks will look like this: Sunday, November 13th - Penultimate...
  6. KillerDraco

    Community POTW #158

    Apologies for the delay. We have another event Pokemon being distributed for the month of November starting on Tuesday, and as a result, we will be covering them this week. It's Genesect, the mythical Bug/Steel Pokemon brought back from ancient times and modified by Team Plasma...