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  1. J

    Ash Has Been Cursed... (1105)

    You know when Ash was waving his arms like that, it reminded me how Barry did that in the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games.
  2. J

    Do I Hear A Ralts? (386)

    Plus did anyone else besides me noticed the expression on Nurse Joy's face when the fake Gardoviar and Kirlia showed back up. It looked like she would and should have said bless their hearts.
  3. J

    Do I Hear A Ralts? (386)

    Well, the real Gardovior and Kirila showed back up for it just like he promised that he would. It is kind of like what May did with the Swablu in the True Blue Swablu episode.
  4. J

    For Crying Out Loud! (134)

    After I rewatched the episode, Misty really had her hands full with this Marill. Even though she has experience with being around a Marill, it was really different personality-wise. At the same time, I wonder what it would have been like if it was Ash that got separated from the group and had...
  5. J

    Tree's A Crowd! (283)

    The episode is great. Plus I can see how Max was worried about Ash that he doesn't realize that the Pallet Town native gets into all sorts of scrapes.
  6. J

    Turning Over A New Bayleef! (202)

    Well, different pokemon can have various different kinds of issues after evolving. I mean take Grotle for example. It couldn't battle the same way after it evolved from Turtwig. On the other hand with Sceptile, it couldn't use any attacks at all because it got its heart broken. With Bayleaf, it...
  7. J

    Fowl Play! (156)

    Is it just me or does Ash get into a lot of scrapes in a lot of the Johto episodes? Plus when Noctowl noticed that Ash was kind of out of it to command his pokemon to stop Team Rocket, it really stepped up even though it wasn't an offical teammate on Ash's team yet.
  8. J

    The Big Balloon Blow-Up! (204)

    I do feel bad that Meowth wanted to win fair and square. It is like there is a double standard with those three. I mean in the first poke-ringer episode in the Hoeen region, James competed fair and square. Plus when Ash landed back in the balloon kind of hard, it looked like he was ok but in the...
  9. J

    Ivysaur is Quite Mysterious, Don't You Think So? (1093)

    Is it just me or is Chloe a bit distant from Ash and Go? I mean she is not exactly one of the more friendly pokegirls.
  10. J

    He's Born! The Alolan League Winner! (1082)

    You know each time Ash was in a Pokémon League tournament, he came out of it with things that will be waiting for him in a different place. Indigo League: Losing in a battle before a major six on six battle. Then watching a full six on six battle Orange League: Actually winning a six on six...
  11. J

    Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! (1073)

    Even if Ash respected Meltan’s wishes to battle, Faba was the one that used his own pokémon to get it out to the battle.
  12. J

    Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! (1073)

    Honestly Ash should have said stopped Meltan’s pokeball coming out from his pocket and realized what Faba’s plans were. I am glad that Faba lost, but really he cheated on the battle. Cheaters never win, and they never prosper either.
  13. J

    A Poached Ego! (282)

    It really bothered me that Ash never knew that Jessie and James released Arbok and Weezing to help guide the Ekans and Koofing to escape from the poacher. I mean by the next episode, Ash never asked them about them and didn’t really realize that they are good people deep down and hidden.
  14. J

    A story that I am working on

    I have been working on a new fanfiction story. It is an AU story that made me wonder what if Faba kidnapped Ash and Nebby during the Nebby arc. I also decided to title it The Snake of the Aether Foundation.
  15. J

    Hit Your Mark, Aura! Ash and the Mysterious Egg!! (1110)

    Well even if it is a bit different, it made me think of that moment in the Blissey episode.
  16. J

    Hit Your Mark, Aura! Ash and the Mysterious Egg!! (1110)

    Did anyone else besides me notice that Pikachu freaked out the moment that the ointment touched its tail being a nod to a particular Johto episode where Ash freaked out the moment that the ointment touched his back.
  17. J

    Hit Your Mark, Aura! Ash and the Mysterious Egg!! (1110)

    I have been waiting for a long time for Ash to get Riolu. Plus it has been a long time sense the aura played a role into Ash as well.
  18. J

    Ash Has Been Cursed... (1105)

    Is it just me or Ash’s illness was completely under the radar the whole time until he passed out after Team Rocket blasted off again.
  19. J

    The Dragonite Paradise and the Dragonair Trial! (1099)

    I was deeply in shock that Ash caught a Dragonite. Plus the way it is so affectionate, it reminds me of either Muk or even Bayleef
  20. J

    Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! (666)

    Well, when Snivy’s vine whip hits Ash instead of Pikachu, I feel like Snivy had a the what in the world did he do moment.