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    Welcome Back?

    Names Calarus and just saying hi to Serebii once again cause well, let me just say that I know you need me? Pwahahawat? Just saying sup and what nots. I have been gone for about two years and making a transition to 5th Gen. Man I feel so noob for doing this, but hey you gotta try to make friends...
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    Tribal Savages

    Tribal Savages(Recruiting Now) Welcome to "Tribal Savages" the domain where leaders of leaders are born. If you are looking for a down to earth clan and trainers who aren't afraid to battle this is your home also. Here we dont believe in the word "NUB/S" only the word beginner cause we believe...
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    Hello, My name is Calarus

    ALOHA, I am Calarus, Not my real name just like the way it sounds. I'm from HAWAII. I've been battling Pokemon since my 3rd grade year Blue version-that was 1998. I've seen my years through yellow, gold, crystal, ruby, emerald, diamond/pearl and now Platinum. Now its 2009 that's 12-yrs plus...