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    Bring back the sun!

    UBER SUN TEAM!!!1!11!!1 Groudon@ Leftovers 252HP/252SpAtk Modest Nature Ability- Drought Moves- Solarbeam, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Stealth Rock Details- Lead. Sets up endless sun and Stealth Rock. Solarbeam has good coverage and only takes one turn to hit due to Sun. Earth Power for...
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    The Zoroark Master Plan

    Zoroark based team. Mainly for RM. Salamence@ Leftovers 252Atk/252Spd Adamant Nature Ability- Moxie Moves- Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, Crunch Details- This seems like a strange lead, but it's effective. People are gonna be confused by the lack of Intimidate and immediately think it's...
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    All 5th Gen OU Team

    I'm gonna try my hand at wifi battling. Ferrothorn@ Leftovers Impish Nature 252HP/252Def/4SpeDef Ability- Iron Barbs Moves- Spikes, Leach Seed, Protect, Gyro Ball Details- My lead. Here to set up entry hazards. Other then that, Protect is used for Protection and Gyro Ball does well with...
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    Middle Cup Teams

    Let's give this a try, shall we? Haunter@ Leftovers 100HP/125Spd/120Def/120SpDef/12SpAtk Timid Nature Ability- Levitate Moves- Taunt, Embargo, Dark Pulse, Pain Split Details- Anti- lead. Embargos and Taunts the lead. Pain Split is pain split. Dark Pulse to avoid Taunt Bait. Combusken@...
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    I can't think of a title

    Just another OU team. I have real confidence in this one. Skarmory@ Leftovers Impish Nature 252HP/252Def/4SpDef Ability- Sturdy Moves- Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Roost, Brave Bird Details- My lead. Used to set up SR. Whirlwind to switch more pokemon in to get hit by SR. Roost to heal, BB so it...
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    RU Team!!!

    My Rarely Used Team Since my three favorite Poke's are in RU, I decided to make a team. Sudowoodo@ Leftovers Jolly Nature 252Atk/252Spd/4HP Ability- Rock Head Moves- Stealth Rock, Sucker Punch, Wood Hammer, Rock Slide Details- The Lead. Used to set up Stealth Rock. However, if the...
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    An Snowstorm Team that I made out of boredome. It'll probably be no different from any other, but here you go. Abamasnow@ Icy Rock?(The one that makes Hail last longer) Timid Nature 252Spd/252Def/4SpA Ability- Snow Warning Moves- Giga Drain, Substitute, Leach Seed, Blizzard Details- The...
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    An all Uber Team

    A team full of Ubers! Mewtwo@ Life Orb Modest Nature 252SpA/252Spd Ability- Pressure Attacks- Psychic, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt Details- My lead. Just your average Suicide Special Sweeper. Psychic for STAB and to lower Spe Def. Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Thunderbolt for...
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    My new OU team

    My New OU team (Changes in Bold) Hydreigon@ Life Orb Modest Nature 252SpA/252Spd Ability- Levitate Attacks- Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse Description- A suicide lead. Dragon Pulse gets STAB, Flamethrower and FB for coverage. Dark Pulse also gets STAB. Nothing special...
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    Are you happy now?

    I believe I did better this time. I basically edited my last team, plus replacing to Poke's. My real team* Hydreigon@ Life Orb Jolly Nature 252 Spd/ 252 SpA/ 4 HP Ability- Levitate Attacks- Dragon Pulse, Tri-Attack, Flamethrower, Focus Blast. Details- My Special Sweeper. Dragon...
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    My future team

    My Future Team Hydreigon@ Life Orb Naive Nature 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP Ability- Levitate Attacks- Crunch, Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Taunt Details- My lead. I chose this Pokemon because it is my new favorite Pokemon, so I wanted to start the team with it. Life Orb boosts attack, which is...
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    My first team

    This is my first attempt at a team. It is a sandstorm team. Please help! Krookodile w/ Life Orb Naive Nature 252 Atk/252 Spd Ability- Moxie Attacks- Smack Down, Earthquake, Foul Play, Brick Break Synergy: Grass- Tyranitar; Water- Reuniculus; Fighting- Reuniculus Reuniculus w/...
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    Favorite South Park Character

    These are just out of the main ones. Mine is definitely Butters. I also like Randy (Stan's dad) and the City Wok guy.
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    The Album Game

    This is easy. The first poster (me) will post an music album plus the singer who made the album. The NP will post a song on that album. Then the NP must post another album. Example : And so on... I'll go first: Recovery- Eminem
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    What are your thoughts on Comedy Central's show Tosh.0? Did anyone see the one where he got a personal trainer who they interviewed via Skype? It was hilarious.
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    The Lax Club 2.0

    Welcome. To people who arent aware of the previous club, the Lacrosse Players/Fans Club, this is a club intended for fans of the sport of Lacrosse. Lacrosse ( derived from the French phrase "La Crosse" meaning literally "The Stick") is a sport invented by Native Americans. It was discovered by...
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    The Sk8boarders Club

    Welcome to The Sk8boarders Club. This is a club to designed to discuss everything in the world of skateboarding. This includes: Favorite skater (pro), favorite skate compant, certain tricks you like or would like to learn how to do, what deck/truck/wheels you have etc.. Anyways, here are the...
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    To you rap fans, we both know that Eminem has had to phases in his life. One with him being Slim Shady (being the old style) and Eminem's album Recovery (being the new style. Which do you like better?
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    The Normal Type Pokemon Club

    This club is designed for fans of Normal Type Pokemon (ex. Ditto, Chansey, etc.). Here, you may discuss all things Normal Pokemon. Here are the rules: 1. All SPPF and Club rules apply 2. Be kind 3. Stay on topic 4. Have fun 5. Give credit for ALL Banners and Posters for the club (coming...
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    All Unova Fire Team

    Well, here you go: Emboar- Blaze Wild Charge Work Up Flame Charge Heat Crash Heatmor- Flash Fire Bug Bite Snatch Flame Burst Dig Volcarona- Flame Body Bug Buzz Silver Wind Quiver Dance Heat Wave Darmanitan- Zen Mode Hammer Arm Belly Drum Flare Blitz Thrash Victini-...