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    ChocolateCon's Super Splices

    I made these splices about a year ago or so. Just recently I found them hiding in the bowels of my computer. C+C would be appreciated and please don't use my sprites without my consent. Thank you and enjoy~ Loutile Arcados Flycatty Mimenair Gardemise. As a side note, I use MS Paint to...
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    How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

    I was at the mere age of 6 when I got Red; and I had a firm belief that my Squirtle was a girl.
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    It's clobberin' time.

    Well, hey! I've been a closet stalker of these forums for quite some time now. It's probably been a year or two, but that's not important now. A friend of mine recently got a username here, so I thought I might as well join in on the fun. Serebii Forums, here I come!