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  1. Le_Juston

    White Team

    Stoutland (Gentle) @Scope Lens Sand Rush -Return -Surf -Thunder Fang -Ice Fang Return does a lot of damage because of STAB. I rely on this guy alot. I chose Surf because it helps me get around to other places. It also works great against rock types. I chose the Fangs to help me with...
  2. Le_Juston

    My Black Team

    Just got out of chargestone cave. Any suggestions? 1)LV 33 Zoroark Amandant w/ BlackGlasses -Night Slash -Dig -Pursuit -Fury Swipes 2)LV 34 Conkeldurr Careful w/ Amulet Coin -Rock Slide -Wake-Up Slap -Bulk Up -Chip Away 3)LV 34 Stoutland Gentle w/ Scope Lens -Return -Retaliate...