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    Pokemon Fear Factor Redux

    ;007;- Hiya guys! My name is Squidley and I have just the greatest idea! I have decided to look into the world of Pokemon and see what fears YOU have and set you on the path to conquer those fears! This will be the second variation of this show and I hope you have a great time...
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    Pokemon Big Brother V. 2

    Back in 2007, Octoboy posted "Pokemon Big Borther" and he ran the game (with the help of a few select hosts) from 2007 to 2014. I thought it would be fun to bring it back and try my hand at hosting it. The game will work like this. After we start I will post the actions of said pokemon and the...
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    Pokemon Fear Factor(2014)

    Pokemon Fear Factor(2014) Owner: Grey Walrus ;164; (Leonard) Co-Owner: Captian Doctor Digi :596: (Ben Kaine) ;164;- My name is Leonard. I have decided a resurrection is due of the game known by many as "Pokemon Fear Factor". This game is one where a pokemon's greatest internal struggles come...
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    Pokemon Fear Factor(All New)

    POKEMON FEAR FACTOR Owner: Grey Walrus Co-owner: No one yet ~Game Information~ ;104;- This is Pokemon: Fear Factor! I'm your host Sharver Stone. I have hit so rough luck harder then stone but here I am with my guitar ready to crank out hit seasons. This is pokemon Fear Factor. The game where...