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    Anime Name Mispronunciations

    Hopefully some of you know Naruto. So ya see I have this problem. Some people pronounce certain Naruto character names wrong. In your opinion how do YOU say Deidara? Dei-dare-a or Dei-d-ar-a. Like how they say Madara but with the Dei? And how do you say Kisame. Kiss-ah-may or Kiss-ah-me?
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    Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

    As most Naruto fans know there is the original Naruto and the newer Naruto, Naruto Shippuden. In my own opinion I like the newer Naruto Shippuden better because there is a wider range of characters. What do you peoples like? The newer one or the older one. Also just talk about anything Naruto. I...
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    Yello Poke Peoples!

    Hi!! I'm new here but I am not new to pokemon! I have played ever single pokemon game more then once and beat most of them! I really love pokemon!!