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    Lesson learned. R.I.P Pokemon X ?

    My brother bought an AR Powersave today.... and I was weak. I'm pretty sure I destroyed the cartidge today. After using it I go to turn on the game and I get the corrupted data screen (havent seen that since Red version.) So I tried to restore the save and everything looked okay...until I went...
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    Beneath The Waves - Graphics

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt but on the internet I go byBeneathTheWaves/OurBurningAshes I am a Chef & Graphic Designer located (trapped) in Orlando, FL. I am mostly inspired by typography, manipulations, propaganda posters, the ocean, space,horror films, macabre, campy movies, &...
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    Hello Folks! Serebii Newbie!

    Evenin' folks! I'm a newbie here on the site but I do come from the internet. ;-D I've been a Pokemon fan for a very long time. I'm 22 now and I work at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I used to be in the Pokemon TCG League when I was younger and I have enough cards to fill a...