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    Rate my UU team

    Hello people! After being 6-0ed by birdspam sooooo many times, i decided to seek refuge in UU, and now its my most preferred format. I made this team using weaknesses of each pokemon in mind. So here it is: Banette (Phantom) @ Banettite Adamant with 248 HP / 252 Att / 8 SpD Frisk -...
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    Wierd OU Team

    Decided to build a team around zangoose since it pretty OHKO's most of OU with toxic and toxic boosted, STABed AND swords danced facade. Also have a couple of other mon's in here that i use cuz' i was sick of using OU 'mons. Here it is! Zangoose @ Toxic Orb Ability: Toxic Boost EVs: 96 HP...
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    Formatting 3ds SD card

    Hi there! I just upgraded my 3ds SD card using a mac, and now i want to upgrade it using windows, it cant open my SD card with the data on it without formatting, and well... formatting deletes data. So, my question is..how do i format my SD card without losing GAME data, cuz most of the...
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    ORAS Battle Maison Team

    Hello people!! I have made a new ORAS team that has got me to 35 wins and counting. I want to know if i need to change pokemon/items/moves in it. So here goes- Rotom-Heat (Levitate, Timid) @ Choice Scarf 4HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spd Overheat Volt-Switch Thunderbolt Trick My lead...
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    5 IV pokemon GIVEAWAY!!!

    Hello people!! I recently got a 6 IV ditto, and well lets just say my PC is now full of pokemon!! Rules 1. Only 5 pokemon per post. 2. Only 1 post per page. 3. My FC is 4098-4557-7957, IGN and 3ds name is Prakhar, add me once i accept your request and VM you. 4. Well not exactly a rule but I...
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    Favourite Starter EVER

    List your favourite starter here. As the poll limit is 10 max i am using 4- grass, water, fire and GOOMY! Please specify your answer in the comments. For me, it Chikorita (my first starter and no matter what people say, its sooooooo elegant and nice looking).
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    How to

    Hi i am a new one here? PLease help, How to put that pic left of your name? How to make that stuff under your comment? I also want to do that, so please help.
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    Ash Reckless

    Hello everyone!!! The old ones might get what i am saying. Here goes- Isn't ash becoming reckless after the original series, Imagine, Ash forfeits when Brock's Onix squeezes Pikachu or when Ash forfeits when Blaine's Magmar's Fire Blast got Pikachu burned. Now imagine, Ash...
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    Rate my emerald team

    Hello everyone!!!! Can u rate me emerald team, ;254;Sceptile- Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Flash/Slam, Fury Cutter ;350;Milotic- Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Hydropump/Waterfall :306:Aggron- Iron Tail, Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Return ;323;;Camerupt- Flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rock Smash...