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    Crush Bones, Flatten Villages

    Ursaring is a powerful Pokemon. What I have just said is an understatement. As my second favorite Pokemon thinking of a way to get Ursaring into OU play is a novel idea. Especially when his attack stat is unleashed to the max. The only problem is working around that self-butchering 55 Speed...
  2. K

    Ka-ZAM [OU]

    Oh Lawd, Alakazam and Gengar, two of the biggest, baddest, fastest Special Sweepers in OU on the same team! How will Krug ever overcome such a weakness to Weavile?! OVERVIEW The Uncanny Lead Alakazam@Choice Specs Timid/Synchronize 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe -Psychic -Hidden Power Fire -Signal Beam...
  3. K

    Yet another UU Team. (Defensive-ish)

    There seems to be a lot of these floating around lately, and usually I'm an OU only type of person, so this is really my first Dive into playing UU. Changes are in Bold. Glance: With that out of the way, lets look at this pure UU team (Because I doubt this is good enough for OU.) Arcanine...
  4. K

    A Mostly BL Team

    I know BL isn't a Metagame of its own, but yeah this team is a Mostly BL Team for the Standard Metagame, I.E. OU. Ninjask@Leftovers Speed Boost Jolly 176 HP / 252 Atk / 80 Spe -Substitute -Baton Pass -Swords Dance -X-Scissor The Only OU on the team and it's all average Bread and...
  5. K

    Krug's team of possible Doom

    Ninjask@Leftovers Jolly 176 HP/252 Atk/80 Spe ~ Substitute ~ Baton Pass ~ Swords Dance ~ X-Scissor Basic Ninjask, it Baton Passes Speed Boosts and SDs to stuff. Ursaring@Lefties Guts Adamant 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Spe ~ Swords Dance ~ Return ~ Earthquake ~ Fire Punch Baton Pass...
  6. K

    El Uno Team (Not Spanish)

    Charizard @Salac Berry Adamant 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Def 10/31/16/30/7/31 Belly Drum Flare Blitz Dragon Claw/Stone Edge EQ Lucario @Choice Scarf Modest 252 Spa/252 Spe/4 Def 31/15/31/19/27/0 Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Dark Pulse Vaccum Wave? Celebi @Lefties Modest? 252 Hp/226...
  7. K

    My Team Must Be Rated!

    I know, don't make any comments like "Lol Y u yUse aLL aTtak mOvEzZ!!!1!" I know my team is attack oriented, but that's just how I think. Magmar LV50@Choice Band Nature:Serious Fire Punch Brick Break EQ Thunder Punch This guy was just a breeding fluke at first, until I got the idea to create a...
  8. K

    A Magmar so crazy...it just might work.

    Today I bred a Magby and I noticed it had an unusually high ATK. So I got a crazy idea... CBMagmortar. Right now he's just a Magmar until I get a Magmarizer though. Oh, and don't say Flare Blitz please. Magmar Lv50 (Choice Band) Serious Fire Punch Brick Break Mega Punch Thunder Punch...
  9. K

    PBR Pokemon sprite changes

    As you may or may not know some pokemon sprites in PBR got redone and are now different from the Collo/XD versions. This is where you can disscuss those changes. Personally I hate what they did to Poliwrath and Mewtwo. Poilwrath was perfect before, with how it pounded on it's chest and raised...
  10. K

    PUNCHING Hitmonlee for trade.

    I have a level 27 hitmonlee with bullet and mach punch. If you want it just post your offer. Don't expect to use it in battle though, for me it's more of a novelty than a fighter.
  11. K

    Krug's trades n' stuff.

    NOTE:I'll add more as progress. Status:Closed...make offers all you want I'll ingnore them until I open again later. Pokemon ------------ Dialga LV 47@andamant orb (untouched) Tyrogue LV5(knows mach punch) Arcanine LV32 Torterra LV80 (must offer somthing good for this) Venusaur LV32(knows sludge...
  12. K


    Hi. This is Krugs friend. He is letting me ask some questions so I'd like to know if anyone has anything good for a male nidoran, Uxie, Azelf, Marshtomp, Palkia, Cranidos(female), Shieldon(male), Eevee(male), Lucario(male), or Empoleon(female.) Friend code is 4983 1431 0232.
  13. K

    Please help evolve my electabuzz!

    As the title says I need someone to help evolve my electabuzz...FC is in my signature.
  14. K

    A question...

    I'm sure there's already a thread like this that I'm not seeing but anyway... I was just wondering,do you need a team form another game to play on wi-fi? Or can you just select pokemon from a list like in stadium?
  15. K

    Jak 2 - hero mode

    sorry if I sound noobish but after a long time of goofing off with unlimited dark jak I decided to get serious and get the last 30 orbs I need.But it said select from title screen and it isn't under my secrets list in the main menu so how DO I get into hero mode???
  16. K

    Groundon rate

    This is my friend's groundon he wants it rated King LV 100@amulet coin solarbeam flamethrower earthquake eruption
  17. K

    Jirachi help needed!

    Jirachi LV 40 @chesto Psychic Double edge rest refresh Yeah he sucks but if he didn't I wouldn't be here.
  18. K

    Move Re learner?

    I checked the FAQs and I did not find this. Is there a move re learener in colosseum?
  19. K

    Primeape help!!!

    Well I just traded to get my friends LV 92 primeape,and in my opinion he sucks so could you help me amp him up? Primeape LV92@leftovers cross chop thrash seismic toss reversal
  20. K


    hey, I'm new here! don't worry I read all the rules! also a Question how do you get somthing other than biggining trainer under your name?