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  1. Firekit

    Looking for help evolving my Machoke

    As stated in the title, Machamp is the last Pokemon I need in order to finish the next and would like some assistance in trading. I can offer a Meltan or other Pokemon in exchange for your help ^^
  2. Firekit

    Did the Creator of pokemon die?

    My friends tell me he did...
  3. Firekit

    Favorite starter

    Which are your favs? Mine are kanto.
  4. Firekit

    Hacked Pokemon

    How will i know if i recieve a hacked pokemon?
  5. Firekit

    Arceus Question?

    Is a shiney Arceus clearly hacked or can be caught?
  6. Firekit

    Piakchu or Mareep?

    Which one should i get for my pack?
  7. Firekit

    Pokemon Ranger Manafee?

    How do i unlock it in the US version.
  8. Firekit

    PokeRadar Guide?

    Does anyone know where to find the guide the members made, because I am trying to find shiny pokemon via chaining.
  9. Firekit

    Pokemon natures

    Ok, so what nature affect which status when leveling up?
  10. Firekit

    Super Bowl

    Who do you thinks is giong to win? I think The Saints are going to go all the way!
  11. Firekit

    What is the WEPA code.

    Please help me understand. and how can i use one in a WiFi hotspot?
  12. Firekit

    How many more generations of pokemon?

    I believe about 5 more at best. Pokemon has been around for a while and i hope it keeps getting stronger.
  13. Firekit

    New Pokemon

    Which pokemon do you think should have a baby form? I think Tauros should have one.
  14. Firekit


    I hatched a bulbasaur that knows magical leaf and petal dance. what else should it know?
  15. Firekit

    Egg Moves

    Do pokemon hatched from eggs learn egg moves from the mom or the dad pokemon?
  16. Firekit

    Every type of eevee evolution?

    Do you think that eevee will have a evolution for every type? I mean i think a flying type would be cool. Eevee fly me to the moon. lol
  17. Firekit

    I need help Using WiFi

    Can someone explain how to use WiFi to get pokemon online. I don't understand how to.
  18. Firekit


    Many people have Adoptables in this site and many of them are pokemon. Do people help grow them or do they ignore them?
  19. Firekit

    Feed me adoptables!

    Please feed them.