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    Serious Question: Cel Shaded Pokemon Game.

    Now I've always thought of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker to be one of the Gamecube's most successful games. So when I brought up the idea of there being a Cel Shaded Pokemon game, my friends all looked at my like I was some sort of psycho.. So I decided to ask the most unbiased and most truth...
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    Pal Pad Park

    To all you battlers and/or brawlers I'm sure you'll like my site. Check it out and tell me how it is. ^_^ [link removed]
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    PokéNexus: The Pokémon Society

    PokéNexus: The Pokémon Society Around the same time last year, one of the fastest growing Wi-Fi clubs/tournaments, "D/P Warzones" was created by Pichu Bro.1. With over 100 members before Diamond and Pearl's release in the US, the tournament would've been a success. Unfortunately, though, the...