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  1. Caseydia

    If Brock leaves, will Dento like girls as much?

    I know that we're all used to Brock liking girls to the extreme but do you think Dento will take his place, or will Iris like boys as much?
  2. Caseydia

    Quadrupple battles next?

    When they came out with double battles, it confused me but then they became awesome. Now they're coming out with tripple and it seems even more challenging in the game it will probably will be interesting in anime as well. Do you think they will make four on four battles next?
  3. Caseydia

    Do you think Ash can use an Empoleon on his team?

    I've noticed that Ash has made it with Torterra and Infernape. But it just seems that there is an Empoleon missing in the group. I don't know where he could get it from but I'm I the only one who thinks he can use one?