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  1. J

    ミ★ their rooms

    ♥ rules All SPPf rules apply Please, always give credit One request at a time Do not PM/VM me to request I will take 3 request at a time, but my friends can request anytime even if the waiting list is full Don't give me to many images to work with, and only 1 image for avatar Provide...
  2. J

    Jun's graphic thread

    another fail, I know. keep doing it anyway. just made, I like this one comment?
  3. J

    Jun's pathetic art thread numbah 3

    I don't know, even though I sucks at it, I just keep drawing and making such thread like this..... This is the lastest, a drawing of a sprite I have, which is a Shaymin/Pikachu fusion..... More to come soon, and urgh, I use Paint.net before anyone ask (because it's the only thing I...
  4. J

    Another junk yard?

    My stuff are not so good, since I'm still an amateur at graphic designing.... I use Paint.net only before anyone ask. Also, for now, I really need advices on how to add text to banners without ruining it. Please help me D:
  5. J

    ♫ Loverholic Robotronic ♪

    Yessshhhhh, another shop, what am I thinking, gee? After Chinatown got burned down again and again, I realized something about it is that I was being too greedy, thus lead it to destruction everytime. I've decided to make a shop that for banner/icon only. Less work. right? Rules All...
  6. J

    SPPf Chinatown (Revived!)

    Waiting list Junpearl63: Growlithe master, Zozo1999, GrumpySnorlax CLOSE I'm right and you're wrong: OPEN Aclover: CLOSE Hello guys, this is Junpearl63, you can call me Jun. After the last SPPf Chinatown got burned down by two man who I assumed are mental patients who watched too much...
  7. J


    Uhm, I was just wondering if there is a way to change a MP4 file to MPEG4 file....
  8. J

    The artist house

    Welcome to the artist house :) Yeah, so basically, this is a club where artist, amateur or even pro, can gather to talk about art, show off their work, get advices, or just simply to admire the other's work. And in here, 'art' means drawing, not spriting or music or blah blah blah, whichever...
  9. J

    The love bus <3 Ainori

    WE'RE FULL RIGHT NOW SO DON'T SIGN-UP! THANK YOU. Owner: Me Co-owner: Withdrawn Trader and Mawile412 This is a reality TV shows (bases on a Japanese reality TV show), which is all about love <3 So basically, there will be a big, pink, fabulous bus, which will take 14 pokemon, 7 males...
  10. J

    Where people are amused by the other's fear - Horror movie/film fan club

    Welcome to hell This has been approved by the previous owner and the awsome Tiffany Rules (yes, even hell has it own rules) 1. All SPPf rules apply, and so does Club general rules. That's mean no flaming, no bashing, no one liners, no SPAM...etc. 2. If you're inactive for like, 2...
  11. J

    Jun's sprite thread

    Well, I decided to make a new sprite thread, with new sprite, since the last one has died :( A simple recolor and animation, and the sprites was ripped from Pokemon Emerald Shaymin cosplayer, my first trainer sprite edit. Just a retype, Flying/Electric/Fire type Charmander...
  12. J

    Chinatown market - Jun's graphic stand

    Waiting list 1. Mudkip8003 2. Rosemary 3. Open Hello guys, this is Junpearl63, you can call me Jun. I decided to open a new shop, of course, to improve my graphic design skill, and fill all the empty space I called my life.
  13. J

    Jun's galery

    I only have MS Paint and Paint.Net, no photoshop or GIMP for me......
  14. J

    Jun's art V.2

    I luv BBQ..... Currently working on Finished work Comment are always welcome, critic are always needed. Give constructive critic if possible.
  15. J


    Pokemon: Dead or alive Owner: me Co-owner: Zhanton Inspired by the best selling video game series Dead or Alive and its own movie, this game is about 16 famous fighter, are invited to PDOA, a fighting contest. The tournament is held on an private island, belong to the Nakazato family...
  16. J

    My art

    Hi guys, I'm here to post some pictures of mine. Now, there is only one I did with Paint. Maybe it is not so good. Here: More coming soon. Feel free to critique.