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    Strongest legendary Pokémon?

    If Arceus is 'God' as Pokemon goes, Mewtwo is the product of Mr. Fuji and his team 'playing God' as the phrase goes. Therefore I vote Mewtwo the winner! ;150;
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    Which Eeeveelution did you chose in the 'Befriend a Pokemon' game?

    I got the Espeon. I don't like its nature...
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    I chose the dude seeing as I am one myself. I don't think I've ever chosen the female option.
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    Strongest legendary Pokémon?

    I'd say Mewtwo's the strongest to me, because I'm keeping the Kanto dream alive! I think its cool they've given it a signature move four generations on.
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    Your favorite memories with Pokemon

    Running into an Unown at the Ruins of Alph on Gold version. The 3rd Pokemon movie with Entei and Unown had come out recently so I thought it was legendary, due to it being in the movie. I was very happy and excited to find a 'rare' Pokemon that early on in the game, until I caught it. It was a...
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    That one extra second after selecting a move that signalizes it missed....

    I question it for a slight moment then say FFS.. That awful second has got me in some bad situations.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    It wont happen. Its like how you can name Link whatever in Zelda, your character is a fictional character that fits within the continuity of the main series. Because of that I think the character will always have the same appearance mainly so fans can recognise the trainer from whatever...
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    Worst attack

    Frustration is pretty useless unless your giving your Pokemon bitter recovery items all time.
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    Worst attack

    Stick it on a Porygon-Z with max special attack, make it hold a Normal Gem and you've got about the same power as the Death Star. I like Hyper Beam.
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    Recently got my 5th badge after a horrible battle against Koga. His Muk used Minimize and Acid Armor to the max and kept using Toxic on all my team members. We pulled through though! Currently I'm trying to win a Porygon from the game corner by winning big on the slots. its going quite well.
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    What Pokemon do you think fits you?

    I would like to say Typhlosion, but in all honesty I'm probably a Snorlax.. Not that I'm fat, I'm just lazy, usually hungry and sleeping a lot of time. Like a Snorlax, I enjoy the casual approach to life :P
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    How did you discover Missingno?

    I was told the method of the glitch by my school friends. At the age I was, I couldn't turn down the opportunity of getting 100+ Rare Candies.
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    What do you think about Bulbapedia?

    I nearly always have it open in tab, I get all my Pokemon knowledge from there. Serebii is best for the forums and wifi chat, but overall I'm a Bulbapedia man.
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    Best/Worst Metronome moments

    Whitney's Clefairy used Dark Void on me during my HeartGold gym battle.
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    Have you ever cried during a Pokemon game

    I could of cried when that shiny Krabby fled from me in the Safari Zone, but I man'd up and moved on. It probably had a crap nature anyway.
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    Anyone think the third version idea is getting old?

    I like the third versions. In this generation I only have White version and its my main cartridge so to speak. I would love to play through the story again but I don't want to lose everything.. so the next time I play through the Unova storyline, will be on the third version with a few updates...
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    Pokemon Cries!!!

    I have a Charizard and Rhyhorn on my FireRed team currently. Earlier I sent them out in a double battle together for sh*ts and giggles. I find it funny that they identical cries, the limitations of the original Gameboy will be a part of Pokemon forever.
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    Any moves that make you mad?

    Sand Attack... I absolutely can't stand it. Throwing sand in my pokemon's face to the extent it can't aim it's moves accurately anymore is such a horribly cheap strategy. Screw you Sandslash.
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    How do YOU play YOUR Pokemon games?

    My DS lives on the shelf near my bed because thats where I usually play it, mainly in the early hours of the morning when I can't sleep. If my laptops nearby I'll put on some music, but when its not I plug in my earphones and get immersed within my game.
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    Pokemon Ash will NEVER have?

    He will never own a Froslass because his Snorunt evolved a generation too early.